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A Word About The Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Seattle on October 3-5th, 2014

Man, although I have had nothing to do with the planning or setting up with this conference- I am excited about it nonetheless, basically because it will be one of the BEST conferences I have ever attended. The speakers are amazing- and whereas other conferences call upon their own small group of people to speak- […]

Felicity Lee’s New Post On Amazon After Dealing with the PP Squad Trolls for a Year and a Half

This was such a brilliant post that I felt that I needed to share it.  It says what I feel better than I could say myself…. “Karmakaze – are you trying to say that ‘you’ have not made it impossible for anyone who has ever posted here to do anymore than agree with you – […]

I Am Not Fighting With You Dougy Mesner aka Satanist Luciean Greaves of the Ridiculous Satanic Temple

I was neither in Omaha during the court period for Mark Anderson- nor do I know the specifics of his case.  What I knew was as an adult, and the boys that I knew along involved in the court case were WELL INTO THEIR TEENS. I have made it quite clear I have no idea […]

Another Post By Doug Mesner- and Yet Another Retort

Man I get tired of this man-boy’s lies. However- this is all from someone who is the False Memory Foundation’s spokesperson- which includes people like Debbie Nathan- who says that our nation is too “hysterical” when it comes to sex with minors, and Elizabeth Loftus- who was run out of Seattle after she lost a […]

A Response to Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves Article “David Shurter’s Epic Fail”

Although my initial reaction to this piece was to laugh it off as a failed attempt to attack me, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I should answer some of the accusations and give my side of the situation. The fact that I have to respond to someone who has done his best […]


Yeah- Dylan Farrow Looks Happy Great comments on the Woody Allen thing…. I’ve already started seeing the skepticism erupt. Few fans want to believe (and be reminded) that he’s such a disturbed creep. And I can appreciate the point some might make that perhaps Dylan has an axe to grind or maybe has been brainwashed to believe what […]

Attacks Against Me on Huffington Post- and People Think I am Not Being Targeted I am truly important to these people- even though they claim I am crazy- and one needs to ask themselves WHY? Felicity (Felicity_Lee The article you reference here is one bashing another person and written by the founder of the Temple of Satan – Luciean Greaves/Doug Mesner. This comment is libelous and angry – […]

You Know You Are Doing Something Right… When Doug Mesner Writes a WHOLE ARTICLE About You on His Website

When articles such as this are presented, I have to post it- I found it so funny. I must be getting under the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad’s skin- they gave me a WHOLE ARTICLE dedicated to me… Of course an anon supposedly wrote this- but whatever- it is worth sharing- it is such […]

New False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Article on Huffington Post My comment… David Shurter (DavidShurter) 12 Fans Everyone responds to trauma- esp. severe trauma, differently. Going through what we did as children- my older sis ended up being DID while I have complex PTSD. Breaking apart from yourself when you are being tortured is a necessity in order to survive the abuse- and each […]