Felicity Lee’s New Post On Amazon After Dealing with the PP Squad Trolls for a Year and a Half

This was such a brilliant post that I felt that I needed to share it.  It says what I feel better than I could say myself….

“Karmakaze – are you trying to say that ‘you’ have not made it impossible for anyone who has ever posted here to do anymore than agree with you – or succumb to you and your cohorts endless wrath?

Your ramble and incoherent threats, passive aggressive behavior (sometimes, just plain hateful), and total lack of knowledge on this topic is blatantly insulting to the author of this book and the public. Yes, you have the ‘right’ to public speech – and, you are knowledgeable on that subject – much more than I – I will admit. You somehow avoid, by being anonymous, consequences for your constant slander and libelous comments.

I did notice, though that since Huffington Post has put up TOS concerning trolls, your group was unable to get even one post past their moderators. Things are looking up. Oh, jb did get a lame little post in – I apologize.

The purpose ‘is’ for giving opinions – not for abusing other commenters for your own purposes – to silence them and chase them away. But, this you do – then, whine to Amazon that ‘you’ are the victim. They don’t understand that your group tries desperately to ‘run’ the internet through sites like this – because, you have none of your own sites or blogs that are active enough to feed to google. This is truth. It is difficult for the average person, or even the average moderator to ‘see’ who is here defending themselves – and, who are the attackers – you are also expert whiners.

Your group WAS the whole reason for Huffington Posts decision to remove obvious trolls – YOUR GROUP – my gosh – and, you sit here as the victims – trying to railroad the moderators of this site – or maybe, you have found a friend here – who knows.

What I know and see is that when your group is not here posting, the discussion is intellectual and respectful. Although, it is rare that your group is not here covering 24/7. The discussion at Huffington Post, on this topic, has become the same – intelligent – without having to hear your constant insulting and woo-woo skeptic bs – that other sites are just plain sick of hearing.

You are the type of trolls that it is impossible to ignore – because your ‘freedom of speech’ goes beyond – with your opinions being personal attacks and lies pertaining to other people – not this book.

For instance, I have nothing to do with this book – I am here only to protect my own name – I take screenshots ONLY to turn over to my attorney – I don’t have ‘friends’ at Amazon to call and whine to. And, I don’t expect them to change their methods for enforcing TOS here just for me.

I am shocked and dismayed, however, that your taunting and baiting of this author has not been at least thwarted a bit by moderating your groups behavior. You bring in one completely abusive persona after the other – survivors can’t come here, professionals are dumbfounded by the behavior you all display – threatening people’s businesses and practices, exploiting their personal information? Who allows this type of behavior? Well, I would say someone who is either oblivious or is actually also a part of this group.

Anyhow, don’t play stupid with me – it is your group’s ugly and raucous behavior that keeps anyone who would like to talk about this book running for their lives – and, YOU KNOW IT.

“Explaining your ugly behavior in here as your need to defend a sweet person (the author), is incomprehensible.” NO, it is not – that is the point that EVERYONE who is not acting as part of your group has said for over a year. You create an environment here (not by accident) where commenters feel that they must defend against lies, insults, libelous statements, invasion of privacy, and personal threats both from here and other sites you frequent. IS this okay – absolutely not – by the standards of society – AND, free-speech. You have gone way to far. Even Amazon employees read your posts and agree that they are horrible and meant to create a reaction – we cannot be held responsible for reacting to abuse that we read – who wouldn’t be angry reading your posts – and, who wouldn’t respond defensively?

Your group has threatened David, the author, and me of physical harm in real life – not just here – and, the posts have been left up. Really?

People coming here to read do not believe a thing your group says – because, they know who the attackers and the abusers ARE – and, they know who the victims are – but, you are just happy if one passerby might believe anything – just one word you say – or if anyone out there might recognize your name twice – you are happy if just one survivor cries a tear after you beat them senseless with abuse and threats, slaughter them with insults or plaster their grandchild all over the internet for any perp to watch dancing. You are happy if this author loses one moment of sleep after your libelous statements are left here on her book site. You celebrate if anyone were to take their life after you mocked their moment of weakness –

This has been going on for over a year – and, you are for the grace of ‘what’ – are still here doing this. Wow – over a year – and, you get away with it – why? I just do not understand where the limits are here.

You are wrong – always have been – and, have never stopped attacking people – not one single comment is even polite – from any of your group – NEVER – not one. Show me one comment any of you have made that wasn’t an attack, a threat, or a mockery to other commenters – besides those in your group – of course. Just one – okay? But, despite that you can’t, they all remain – thousand of them.

Everyone sees what I am saying to be true, but no one can do a thing. Reporting your posts seems to increase their veracity – I just don’t know. It takes all kinds in this world – and, you represent those that hold the truth? – you have got to be freaking kidding me. The truth is always given as ‘facts’ – not ridden with insults, judgement, woo-woo tactics, or personal opinions.

I have written this as my own opinion – as an expert – who has been actively posting and reading her for over a year – who has been personally involved with Amazon and spent many hours with attorneys reading this book review and the comments – who have information on nearly 50 other commenters who have been attacked and emotionally injured because of this group – who has hundreds of screenshots and evidence from many other sites that these folks DO come here as a group, actually instructed as to how to hurt survivors and this author – as someone who cares for other people’s rights to freedom of speech – who will not stop moderating this book review until I have ample (more than ample) evidence to ensure that this travesty that is happening here will NEVER happen again anywhere.

Again, my personal opinion. I am asking that my opinion be allowed to stay here on Amazon for people to read. This is not meant to be anymore than truthful statements which I can sit for weeks and provide the evidence for them.

I do not want to write away from this site, because it provides even more attention to this group who have found no way to get attention except through writing in this comment section which feeds their hatred to google.

Thank you for letting me speak my piece. I have been the only 5 star commenter who is still here, besides the author who has witnessed this take place. My privacy has been invaded – and still is – without any attention to my reports of this, I have had to close my personal facebook, and now our nonprofit business activities are being attacked – and – me personally just yesterday. So, I have suffered, because attacking posts are left up here – yes, david – if you would like to copy this to your blog – or anyone else for that matter – be my guest. I know I am an idiot for staying here and am paying the price – okay – I accept that. I should be punished, as has been also told to me by this group. hmmm.”

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