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A Message to Michael Aquino and His Friends

December 31st, 2012 My Dearest Micheal, I was asked recently if I believed if you believed in the rituals and history that you have conjuring up all the chaos that you do, and I realized that this question, although innocent- is completely off mark. Although we both know that you believe full heartedly in the […]

Facebook Postings and OCCK site Postings on Me and What I Have Said…

David, can I ask you a question? I know you’ve had associations with Michael Aquino, and I’ve read quite a bit of his writings on, and it’s clear that he does, indeed, believe in other wordly satanic beings (I read where he wrote he invoked satan himself for advice during the Church of Satan’s […]

A Claim Against Me Regarding Scientology and My Supposed Relationship with It

David Shurter has been involved with a cult – but not a satanic pedophile cannibal cult as he has claimed. The type of cult Shurter has been involved with is known as a “psychotherapy cult”. Psychotherapy cults commonly misuse and abuse genuine therapeutic techniques, in combination with quack pseudoscience ‘therapies’, which instill and promote delusional […]

Argument Presented on Craigslist about My Post this Morning

“You are a nut. I am sure Northern Natural Gas would not have noticed there truck was gone or the mileage on it after it went on a trip to St Joseph Minnesota., a 800 mile round trip. Companies keep track of mileage and fuel purchases. By the early 1990’s hundred of thousands of white […]

Our Family’s Vehicles in Relation to Child Abductions

My father, Robert Lynn Shurter Jr., drove a big blue Northern Propane utility truck- and when I spoke to the Jacob Wetterling foundation about my concerns about my father being involved, I was told that a big blue truck was indeed involved with the abduction. Another car familiar with these abductions is a white Oldsmobile. […]

Another Connection to the Johnny Gosch Abduction and My Family

Funny- the Ford station wagon that Noreen Gosch describes, not only in her son’s abduction, but also Jacob Wetterling’s abduction in Minnesota was EXACTLY like the one my father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. and his wife Joanne C. Shurter owned- although I am sure that they probably didn’t register it under their names but used […]

The 2nd Part of the Johnny Gosch Story to be Filmed Soon

According to Noreen Gosch- who was just on MSNBC last week talking about her son’s abduction, there is going to be a “part II” to all this, running under the title- “Who took Johnny”. This concerns me- esp. considering that Noreen Gosch left this message on the other day… “This was the statement: The […]

“Missing Johnny” Premiered on MSNBC Last Night 12/23/2012 “Detailing” the case of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch

Last night I watched “Missing Johnny” on MSNBC, a documentary on the official story of the abduction of Johnny Gosch, and I would like to take a minute to point out a few things and give my critical review of the show itself. I believe what was presented was a reinforcement of the same bull […]

A Christmas Wish

The Christmas holiday has never been easy for me. Not counting all of the scary satanic crap of my childhood- which was always intense this time of year- growing up in a family that despised me always felt amplified during the holiday season, and though things are vastly different now than when I was imprisoned […]

At the Eve of the End of the World

Well, I must say that the eve to the end of the world, at least in my part of the world, was not only anticlimactic, but with all the snow- it was actually quite comforting and incredibly beautiful. It is funny how life plays tricks with us in such ways. The snow was, in a […]