A Claim Against Me Regarding Scientology and My Supposed Relationship with It

David Shurter has been involved with a cult – but not a satanic pedophile cannibal cult as he has claimed.

The type of cult Shurter has been involved with is known as a “psychotherapy cult”. Psychotherapy cults commonly misuse and abuse genuine therapeutic techniques, in combination with quack pseudoscience ‘therapies’, which instill and promote delusional beliefs among their members.

Scientology has been the most successful of these psychotherapy cults. It has generated numerous off-shoots, some of which remain supportive of and on good terms with the original organization, while others develop a mutually hostile relationship with The Church of Scientology. An example of the latter – the very bizarre and short-lived organization known as The Process.

David doesn’t know this, and won’t believe me of course, but the cult he has been involved with is also a Scientology offshoot. In fact, the concept of “trauma based mind control” is an invention of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.

I can provide proof of this, and links that will allow Shurter to explore what I’ve said for himself, but he won’t be able to ‘hear’ me. At this point, he has so much invested in his fraudulent Satanic Abuse Victim persona that he will reflexively reject any information that comes to him from someone who has exposed his fraudulence. Nevertheless, here it is:

“During the continual process of Dianetics research, both as an auditor and as an observer of other auditors, Mr. Hubbard naturally came into contact with a wide variety of cases. And, it was inevitable that these would include those who had been in the hands of psychiatrists closely allied to the intelligence community.
Thus it came about, fully twenty-five years before the facts were made public by Congress, that Mr. Hubbard was the first to announce and decry government mind manipulation programs. Eventually, of course, these and other revelations of Central Intelligence Agency criminality would entirely reshape public perception of this group of spies from a patriotic and somewhat glamorous image to that of a rogue agency of dirty tricksters, with its own citizens as victims.
The vehicle was his 1951 book Science of Survival, and in it he described in no uncertain terms the combined use of pain, drugs and hypnosis as a behavioral modification technique of the worst kind. It was, he said, so extensively used in espionage work, it was long past the time people should have become alarmed about it. It had taken Dianetic auditing to discover the widespread existence of these brainwashing techniques, and, he added, the only saving grace was that Dianetics could undo their effects”.


withgreatrespect- you don’t know anything about my abuse- and unless scientologists kill kids, I doubt it was any influence by Hubbard’s book Dianetics that had anything to do with my abuse.

You constantly tell me that I am wrong- and now you are attacking my therapy and trying to assert facts about something you either have no idea about, or are on the other side trying to pump disinfo up people’s butts.

What happened here was a child, drug, and gun trafficking ring. It had NOTHING to do with religion, and in fact the crap that was going on was basically to scare people, as far as I can tell.

However- I do want to use what you just posted on here on my blog. I find it interesting- and helpful to list the arguments against me. This one rates up there as pretty stupid. Are you expecting payment for your amateur therapy lesson? I hope not


I’m talking about the cult you are associated with RIGHT NOW, David – not during your childhood. Wake up, man!


withgreatrespect- your arguments are too dumb to be dealt with. I am not- nor have I ever been associated with scientology- and in fact my therapist is a Jungian. However, since my life is primarily sewing and writing- what cult are you referring too? Never mind- this argument is stupid.

Although I read Dianetics years ago, I am not now nor have I ever been involved with Scientology. My therapist is not a Scientologist, nor has she ever done any kind of regression therapy with me. My memories are not, nor were they ever, truly ever repressed in the traditional way. Withgreatrespect and I have had arguments before- and they are convinced- or at least he/she is doing their best to try and convince others that my abuse in Omaha didn’t exist, or that is different than what I am claiming. This is the newest argument against me. Again- it is a fraudulent argument.

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