They’re Desperate to Control theNarrative Around IssacKappy and ESP the Group We Were TryingtoExpose

They Are Microwaving Me to Death to Shut Me down

My Local Sheriff Will Tell Everyone He Can I’m Crazy In Order to Protect His Meth Operation

Here’s the Thing About That Upcoming Solar Eclipse and The”Devil”s Comet”That’s Here Simultaneously

The eclipse will also be unusually long and it is accompanied by a comet called “the Devil’s Comet”. And so the Time of Sorrows is ushered in, and there will be a great gnashing of teeth where the living will envy the dead, as Times will have never been so bad nor will they ever […]

JUST LOOK who Thomas is Defending Now! Wow- Seems Like the Guy is Disingenuous LMFAO

They Will Say Whatever TheyCan AboutMe To Prevent Anyone From Investigating this SatanicNaziPedoRing

<span;>So Dregs of YouTube2 (Thomas’s Friend)Admits to Working with Lucien Greaves to Protect Their CA Ring

Now They’re Telling Me They’re Gonna Kill My Dogs and My Sheriff Neil Gross is Like “Hey- Cool”.

It’s Now Come Down to Their Flat Out Threats and YES My Local Law Officials Are VERY Aware of It They Threaten to Kill My Dogs and Then Come the Denials and Deflections Like That Changes Anything And these are the videos I spoke of in that last video This Happened 10 Min After I […]

Now The Game Is Feel Sorry For My Poor Little Sheriff Gross Cause He’s Being “Victimized”

This BS Happened Within 25 Minutes of Me Posting the Video I Just Posted- Smells Like Desperation  

How Many Threats Do I Have to Endure Before Authorities Step In to Investigate- Or Is Murder Ok Now?

They Are Desperate to Prevent Anyone From Investigating the Missing Ohio Kids and the Satanic Temple

Now They Are Sending Me Pics of My House- What Is It Gonna Take to Get People Involved?

Thomas Schoenberger “Therapist” Friend Flat Out Threatens Me-Claims He’s with the Satanic Temple IMPORTANT VIDEOS Issac Kappy Investigation