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An Important News Update…

So- for all of Hoaxtead Research constant blustering- it seems that BOTH the McDonalds AND Starbucks in Hampstead Village are NOW CLOSED. Seems the people don’t back you as much as you claim. Maybe that is why you are so focused so hard on me right now. Lol KARMA CAN BE A REAL BITCH- HUH? […]

A Message to President Obama

So-Mr. Obama In the end, my question- of course, will be if having Omaha called Obamaha for a day was worth it. You may have avoided my eyes that day- but I had You COMPLETELY in MY sites. And that is all I needed and I didn’t realize how pivotal that moment in time would […]

THIS Is What is Needed

Whoever you know that you feel is in need of justice- you need to share it. ALL OF US. We need to stand for each other- and NOT for ourselves but for OTHERS. This will help us become more compassionate as IT IS OUR HUMANITY that has been lost. The REAL news is that we […]

An Interesting Tidbit from Yesterday’s Twitter Argument

So I have no idea if he was telling the truth, but yesterday on Twitter Doug Mesner himself told me he was in touch with my half sister Christina Blumpkin. IN FACT- he said she hired him to work on her and my step mother Joanne C. Shurter’s behalf. So this is MOST DEFINITELY getting […]


This is the thing Doug- this is why I know it is you. We have ONLY BEEN ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER FOR FRICKING YEARS NOW- all over the internet. You and your little group- on Amazon- when Pat Goodwin and I took on your little group in the 100’s of 1000’s of arguments we have […]

An Answer for Hoaxted Research

I can answer this question. Two days after I went and found Max and enlisted his help- Hurricane Matthew formed into THIS and took out Haiti. So yeah- if I were you- I would take Max Speirs seriously… Lol

A Christmas Gift…

Some of you may have woke this morning feeling different. Stronger. Even hopeful. I asked for another gift this morning. I am BY FAR NOT the only soul who is here from Heaven to help. There is an ARMY of us. I asked that the love within all of you start over- flowing and strenthening […]

Hey Paul…

So Mr. Ryan, are we starting to understand hunger yet? Lol

A Christmas Present to Donald Trump

I decided to give a Christmas present to Donald Trump. Since he likes to ” grab the pussy” so much- I gave him one of his own. Say good bye to your penis my friend- but you know what they say…it is best to chop off an offensive part to Heaven and cast it into […]

You Wanted a War with Heaven- Now You Have One

But being the “gods” that you are- this should be NO PROBLEM. lol. hrrps://