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Rudy Giuliani and Paul Ryan

I wonder- did Rudy Giuliani write what he did because they are watching Paul Ryan wither- and they KNOW I said that I cast a spell on him? I am interested in knowing how Ryan IS at the moment- or did he start to have problems like Johnny Depp- when I sent HIM the darkness? […]

Paul Ryan

So- I have to say- I am TOTALLY curious as to how Paul Ryan is this holiday season. Lol. Got the HUNGER- do we?

Another Omaha/Bush Connection

So- for those of you in Omaha- did you realize that George Bush Jr. WAS SUPPOSE TO BE AT VON MAUR the day it was shot up? He was going there for a photo op but it got changed LAST MINUTE. Of course- that “minute” is EXACTLY when it got shot up. Bush was AT […]

My Exchange with Nebraska State Patrol Cold Case Detective John Pankonin about the Ricky Chadek Murder

Oh, and one last thing…

Despite Their Constant BS- Notice How Hoaxtead Research CAN’T or WON’T Answer Three Simple Questions

Hoaxtead will make the claims of child abuse about any individual that speaks out against it- claiming THEY are pedophiles living out sick fantasies- but this is ONLY to deny mass child trafficking is happening. They use High Court Justice Mrs. Palfrey and the two week “investigation” that she ALONE conducted, as proof. In two […]

I Am Not a Patient Man…

Hoaxtead, CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves, Pizzagate, Donald Trump and Other Stuff…

** ** ** ** You know- it is actually quite comical where we are right now. I mean- we are being lead by a group that is so delusional that they actually thought they could wage a war with Heaven and WIN. lol. 2/3 of the angels were completely fucked after they did it- but […]

Doug Mesner/CIA satanist Lucien Greaves Concerning Inspector Turner and the Murder Of Lori King and Other Stuff…

***** ***** Omaha is CALLING OUT to be exposed lol. And I for one am going to head that call. Seth Rich tried- I am going to make sure that noble act was NOT in vain… but you know- in saying that- it makes me wonder- what exactly DID Seth put out there? I […]

A Journalist Commenting on Pizzagate…

An anonymous journalist just posted this comment on the Washington Post’s story trying to debunk #PizzaGate, and I think this should be read by all citizens and journalists. — We are told the work on /r/Pizzagate (and other message boards) is illegitimate because people are rushing to conclusions, or because they are being paranoid, or […]

Hoaxtead Research Finally Gets the Balls to Call Me Out By Name And Stop Referring to Me as “He Who Must Not Be Named” and Other Stuff…

***** So I post what I do about Paul Bonnaci- and NOW Hoaxtead posts THIS in the comments… claiming that Noreen Gosch is a victim. so compare the comments in this article… with THIS article written by Mark Grishpun and see what you think. NOREEN GOSCH: The Deceiver, the Liar, and the Gatekeeper […]