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New Article by deJoly LaBrier on this Newly Begun Hallowmas Season

The women’s community I live in held a Hallowmas celebration, and after much belly churning, I went. At the appropriate time in the ceremony, several women read items about the holiday that they’d either written or gotten off the internet… this is what I wrote and read to the group of 12 women: Tonight I […]

New Radio Broadcast with Omaha Historian David Holland

David Holland is author of the most read piece on, “A Fragmented Timeline of Omaha NE from August 1983”. Please listen as Omaha historian David Holland recounts some of the more gruesome history of Omaha and how much of this could be inter related much more so than what was previously thought. Speaking about […]

What Jacob Wetterling, Ricki Chadek, Eugene Martin, Johnny Gosch, and Four Murdered Children in Michigan Have in Common

I have been asked why I believe that the abductions of Ricki Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, Eugene Martin. and Johnny Gosch are connected to four murdered children in Michigan called the Oakland County Child Killing (OCCK) case, and I would like to expound upon my thoughts with all of this. The thing that links all of […]

Arguments Against Me on the OCCK Website (Oakland County Child Killing Case)

I have seen enough…real easy fix here. Here are some facts that are easy to check. BTW, I did read the book, ahem…and I have met a few others that have, as well. 1. John DeCamp and Nick Bryant’s books not only provided names, but also provided resources and included photos of documents,transcripts, and interviews. […]

Rabbit Hole is Free on Amazon Until Midnight Tonight

For Those Interested, Rabbit Hole is Being Offered for Free on Amazon

I am offering the kindle version of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story for FREE this weekend only on . (October 21-23, 2012). Take a look at what all the hoopla is about for yourself- and thanks before hand for your time and interest!

I Am At a Loss

Funny enough, I have seemed to have run out of ideas on how to get my family and their activites in a child, gun, and drug trafficking ring here in Omaha looked at. My experience with this is sad- for if I had to go through all of what I have to come up empty […]

Just So I’m Clear About the Political Race…

I don’t like Obama. He turned his back on a group of murdered kids in order to have Omaha renamed Obamaha for the day when he was first running for president and I have always held that against him. Contacting the Democratic headquarters in Omaha early the morning he was to arrive- I explained that […]

re Constant Attacks on Craigslist So how many times do you want me to go to your website now Uncle David? I’m doing 125 now. Should I take it up to 200 and make it real popular? MY REPIES That is weird- I am not your uncle. Even if you are part of my father’s family- I am […]

Constant Attacks on Craigslist Rants and Raves…..

I have been attacked relentlessly from a person who finally identified herself as an M.D. from Missouri by the name of Rachelle Derrough M.D. and Rs, a provider for PHYSICIANS FOR WOMEN with CoxHealth. This is her last post on Craigslist- I want to post it for posterity. She posts under RD, BH- and Slim. […]