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Forget Hampstead in the UK- Let’s Talk About Shirley Oaks

This was published yesterday on Facebook by one of the Hampstead Trolls about Fiona Barnett and I wanted to deal with what is being said. First of all, none of these accusations are true. Fiona Barnett is a REAL survivor- who brought charges against Anthony Kidman- Nichole Kidman’s father- who was one of her main […]

A Reply to the Death Threat I Recieved on Easter 2016 I put both links in as they are doing their best to silence me by screwing with everything I do online.

Till It Happens To You- Lady Gaga’s 2016 Oscar’s Performance

I am usually not a Lady Gaga fan but this performance is POWERFUL!! Our time as abuse survivors is HERE- and it is obviously scaring the shit out of our abusers. For some reason this keeps getting taken down. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. Not really though. The video is still up, but they aren’t […]

A “Veiled” Threat Sent to Me This Easter

I personally think this is Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves. It certainly is his writing style- and I have been dealing with this idiot for years so I recognize his style. The previous part of this conversation in the previous post… Denise Matteau 10:34 AM (58 minutes ago) to me Well, I hope you enjoyed your […]

Seemingly More Games from the Pedophile Protection Squad

Denise: Hello Dave, thank you for taking some time to consider my questions. I know you are extremely concerned about the growth of pedophilic crime we see today and I share that concern. I am a retired artist who was asked to work with a multi-agency group in the 1990’s that was looking for ways […]

Crowdfunding Campaign for Fiona Barnett Fiona Barnett is an Australian who has been incredibly active supporting victims of child abuse in her country and has been an active voice in victims rights in her country. She was the victim who brought charges against Anthony Kidman- Nicole Kidman’s father- which resulted in his suicide two months later. She has been […]

Clarification on My Personal Experiences With the Omaha NE Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring

Regarding Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonnaci, and the Hoaxstead WordPress Website

Something to Consider in these End Times…

Contrary to popular belief- the opposite of Luciferianism is not Catholicism but rather Shamanism. Shamanism was the first spiritual practice of mankind and has been found in EVERY culture in the world. Luciferianism is a bastard adaptation of Shamanism. In the Gospel of St. Thomas- Jesus Christ told his followers that the kingdom of Heaven […]

Actually, the Internet is a Great Place for Victims but You Just Have to be Smart About It

After the McMartan fiasco in the 90’s, our government enmeshed themselves with anything and everything that had to do with ritual abuse and child rape so they could control the complete narrative to keep it from every getting out again. So, they not only formed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and such, but they also […]