Something to Consider in these End Times…

Contrary to popular belief- the opposite of Luciferianism is not Catholicism but rather Shamanism. Shamanism was the first spiritual practice of mankind and has been found in EVERY culture in the world. Luciferianism is a bastard adaptation of Shamanism.

In the Gospel of St. Thomas- Jesus Christ told his followers that the kingdom of Heaven was NOT in buildings made of wood and stone- but rather that the kingdom of Heaven existed within us and all around us. Lift a stone and we would find him- split a piece of wood and he would be there. Somehow this was left out (you can blame the Catholic Church and the Council of Nicaea for that) but it doesn’t make it any less true.

As a child- I had psychic energy manipulation crammed down my throat- but I learned that life is not as it is publicly presented. People seem to believe in mass that the power to help us- to save us- is somehow outside of us, but it isn’t. The power to change the world around us lies within us.

When it says that we were all made in the image of God- it had nothing to do with God having two legs, two arms, a head, and a torso. Made in the image of God- we all have the powers to create- to manifest. THIS is the real image of God we were all made from.

Now days, people either believe that magic doesn’t exist- or that is somehow inherently bad. But energy is a tool- much like a hammer. You can use a hammer to build a beautiful building- or you can use a hammer to bash someone’s head in; the choice on how we use that tool is up to us. But claiming that the magic of Heaven doesn’t exist is much like putting a plastic bag over your head and claiming that you don’t breathe oxygen. To deny the existence of magic is nothing but a delusion.

From my Shamanic practice, I have learned that Heaven is INDEED within us and all around us and is just as real and just as invisible as the oxygen we breathe to live. The powers of manifestation are all around us and constantly shapes our lives- whether we are aware of it or not, and this is not just “new age” theories but rather- this concept has been around since the dawn of mankind.

I meet a lot of people who are scared of the world today and are busy waiting for Jesus Christ to break out of the 5th dimension and fly out of the clouds with his armies to save us from our peril- but the question I have is WHY do any of us think that we are worth saving?

We all sit back and watch evil play out in the world and have decided to be complacent with this- believing that there is nothing any of us can do. However, our decision not to stand and act is a direct assault on Heaven and God himself. Watching Facebook- it seems that God has turned into our fairy godmother and only exists to grant our wishes but this is folly.

Satanists- such as Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves and Jen Blackman- will claim that God doesn’t exist and that if he does- he is a tyrant who is not worthy of being over us. They claim that the Devil- or at least the concept of the Devil- will be the savior of mankind as he is the one who liberated us from all of Heaven. But, of course, the question has become- is mankind better off as a result? Anyone who looks around the world can see that this is not in any way true. But in doing this- this group of self-adoring Devil worshipers have cut our power for change out of the picture while we, as a society, have sat complacently by allowing them to do whatever.

God IS demanding. You can bitch about Heaven all you want- but then you might as well bitch about the oxygen you breathe as well. God and Heaven is what animates us all and gives us life. The true power DOES NOT lie with these con artists and false prophets- and they are using what they can to divide us and further separate us from Heaven, while they enjoy their money and party off the profits made from those they have duped.

God is NOT a religion. Jesus did not say that Christians were his favorites- nor did he claim that Jews were his favorites- or Muslims- or Buddhists. No- Jesus told us that his favorites are CHILDREN- which is why the Luciferians have always had a campaign against them. Now- all of society is joining that campaign.

We, as a whole, have sat by and allowed our children to be harvested by these power hungry megalomaniacs for a long time now- and as a result our children have disappeared and been murdered in mass. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children claim that ONE child is disappearing EVERY 27 SECONDS- which equates to close to 800,000 children a year. This does not count runaways or discarded children. And Child Protective Services have reported they have lost over 10,000 children, who have just evaporated, and these are ONLY the reports we have been made aware of- and yet we all sit by, doing nothing.

Andrew Picard is a 21 year old who got caught not only downloading child pornography, but was involved in making it himself- sharing images of 2 year olds being raped by dogs with other perverts. A man named Ben Deevoy- who spoke out about the judge Peter Ross and his lenient sentence to Picard- simply because the guy’s parents have LOTS of money- has now been jailed for speaking out- all the while society has sat by silently. So this is the behavior that society believes is so worth being saved by Heaven? This is ONE story of MANY- like Jeffery Epstein- convicted pedophile billionaire, who is being heralded as a “great guy” but Donald Trump and Bill Clinton- two people DIRECTLY involved in American politics- and yet NO ONE has reported this to the mass media. It is well known- but never gets reported.

Our actions regarding these type of situations is that we may not LIKE what these people are doing, but we don’t feel any need to stand and make any changes. In doing this- we have turned our backs on Heaven and God- and yet we feel that we are STILL deserving of being “saved”. However- the question is- how is Heaven supposed to save us from ourselves?

Shamans, as a whole, believe in healing and light. We think that the world is a wonderland and that we are here to protect it, but it seems that none of us are doing an even semi decent job of doing it. We listen to our false prophets spewing hate and dissension- and just sit quietly by- allowing it to happen. Of course- we were ALL put in charge- but, like our leaders, none of us feel any sense of responsibility when things go bad, and we certainly don’t act in order to change things.

The claim that the Devil made to God was that he could turn all of mankind away from God. Not only that- but he claimed that he could make us all HATE. Looking around at the world around us- it is pretty obvious that this campaign is in full swing. However- the choice is- and always has been- OURS to make personally.

Shamans realize that the energy of the universe surrounds and connects us all. It is what gives us our abilities of animation and is to be respected. God and Heaven- simply because of what they ARE- deserve this tribute, and to do anything else goes against ourselves in a big way. WE HAVE THE POWER. We only need to choose to use it in order to bring forth the light.

Heaven works within us AS us- but we have to allow it. But if Heaven decides to intervene- which I FIRMLY BELIEVE it is, we all have to realize that we have to be ACCEPTABLE to save. Just as we would all choose NOT to eat a rotted piece of fish, Heaven will decide which ones of us are WORTHY to be saved. If your soul is rotted, or stagnant, you won’t be chosen- and, in the end, the upcoming tribulation and where we stand within that process will be determined by the CONSEQUENCES of our choices.

These leaders we have- as a whole- will tell you that the only REAL power is the power THEY have- and none of us matter. But we DO- and our children most ESPECIALLY do. So sit by and let the pedophiles do whatever they want- keep quiet and allow them to their dastardly work- but in the end- we will be claimed right alongside of them and we will have no one to blame but OURSELVES.

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