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Omaha Media Fails To Mention That There Was Another Fire In the Old Market

M’s Pub blows up and it is all over the news. But the Antiquarium, where Tom was helping traffic children and was having sex with underage boys in his secret room, has a fire and it isn’t reported. I think this was done on purpose to get rid of DNA evidence.

A Retraction on My Last Post

I spoke about Nebraska State Patrol Det. John Pankonin’s sister but my sister told me she was his cousin, not his sister. What I do know is the Tru Pankonin was best friends with a woman named Teri O. And she ingratiated herself not only in my life but my oldest sister Kathy’s as well. […]

If I am Any Indication, It is No Wonder Why More Survivors Don’t Come Forward

Years ago, I came forward to try and find out any information I could about a man my father and step mother made me light on fire when I was 10- and since then, it has been nothing but constant attacks by a group of people who have done their best to discredit me in […]

A Facebook Exchange with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple Founder Lucien Greaves and Myself Talking about His Connections with Sex Offenders

A few days ago, on Facebook- I got into an argument with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka satanic founder of the Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves. Since the conversation has since been taken down, I have decided that I probably should repost my screen shots that I took of the whole thing. The only thing […]

Love Wasn’t a Suggestion- It Was a Commandment

Funny, isn’t it, when we hear the word love- we often trivialize and minimize it? It has become a pretty slogan that was great in the 60’s but look where it got us. Perhaps even greater has been our loss of hope, overwhelmed by a nagging fear that nothing is ever going to do anything […]

Getting Down to Brass Tacks- Just So There is No Question

I posted this on Facebook but later felt I just needed to flat out share this… “Let me explain what it is to do your own thing and turn away from Heaven and what we have been told right now at this point in time. Picture an incredibly exclusive restaurant that the Mafia owns and […]

The Agenda We Are Fighting Isn’t Gay or Transsexual- It is a Luciferian Based Pedophile Agenda

Just think about it for a minute. Here is a group who wants to bring a hell on Earth, who have ALWAYS been in power, who are in power NOW, and who can be shown as the CAUSE of EVERY SINGLE ISSUE mankind is now facing. War, poverty, disease- the complete destruction of our planet- […]

“Feel The Bern” Has Become a Movement that Transcends Bernie Sanders

As much as Shillery Clinton and her media hounds want to claim it isn’t true, “Feel the Bern” has picked up momentum and has NOT in any way diminished. Why? Because this time people are not just listening to a message of “Change”- this time they are demanding it. Our leaders running our country are […]

The Issue isn’t Transsexuals in the Bathroom- It is that Rich Pedophiles are Raping Your Children- and Have Been for a LONG TIME NOW

So right now, everyone is focused on this issue of transsexuals and what bathroom they are supposed to use, but this is being used as a distraction to keep people from focusing on the fact that our children are disappearing in mass and that our elites are raping them in just as great of numbers. […]

An Imperative Read: A Message about Heaven

The major difference between me and the millions of other people who were abused by these devil worshipers is that no one else had the cult pledge their soul’s allegiance to them, and that was ALL I experienced. Every little boy they slaughtered, every little boy I was forced to murder and then have sex […]