Love Wasn’t a Suggestion- It Was a Commandment

Funny, isn’t it, when we hear the word love- we often trivialize and minimize it? It has become a pretty slogan that was great in the 60’s but look where it got us. Perhaps even greater has been our loss of hope, overwhelmed by a nagging fear that nothing is ever going to do anything other than get worse.

I think the reason why everyone is constantly yelling is because we all have this overpowering feeling of powerlessness and no feels like anyone is listening and in the end it feels as if no one cares. Our noses are so close to the grindstone that it is hard to concern ourselves with each other when each of our own lives are hanging precariously over an abyss of complete chaos.

And though I might be wrong- most of us, for a lot of the time, are only wishing that everything and everyone would SHUT THE FUCK UP.

It is my contention, knowing what I do and having experienced what I have, that the only two things we should be concerning ourselves right now with is the 12 Commandments- the 10 given to us by God, and the 2 that were given to us by Jesus- which should be at the top of the list.

The thing about these commandments is that they all deal with us personally- as individuals. Breaking these commandments- which most everyone knows- Christian or not, changes the mindset and the energy that goes with that mindset with one that is focused on the shadows and away from the light.

Anyone who has truly loved knows that it is not only a feeling- but a VIBRATION. When focused on and amplified, it can, in many ways, electrify a room.

Actually, the absolutely most selfish thing you can do in your life is love as much as you can, because what you will find is that the love in your heart that you have for others changes YOU in ways that are consistently ALWAYS wonderful and amazing.

Love God and the intense love vibration of Heaven, and love everyone and everything around you. I hear a lot of banter- both from atheists and MOST ESP. from Satanists, about Christianity and organized religion and such, but it is frustrating because it isn’t about all of that- and NEVER WAS.

We need to have this vibration within us to survive what it coming and the only way to accomplish this is to follow the 12 commandments we have been given. This is the ONLY way to save ourselves.

There is a darkness that is about to consume this plane of existence that is just about to come through their little CERN toy, and the light of Heaven is about to leave here. For those of you who have this vibration- that can ONLY be achieved by loving as much as you can, there awaits a new earth- where everything that has been dying here has been awaking and is such a paradise that, when there, you actually breathe in joy with every breath. Having absolutely no separation from Heaven, this spiritual evolution is like nothing we have ever experienced and those who find themselves able to go through the gates will bask in the amazing light of love that never ceases from all the angels and our Father and Mother and who dwell within Heaven. All of you best dreams of paradise don’t even begin to compare for what awaits you.

However, for those of you who DON’T have that vibration- who, for whatever reason, have chosen to promote the dark within your lives, in whatever way you have chosen to do it, are about to be claimed by the darkness. Darkness far worse than any hell any of us have ever imagined.

But the good news is that it hasn’t happened yet-so we all still have some time.

Achieving the proper vibration of love takes work, focus, and perseverance. Acting with caring and compassion is KEY and FUNDAMENTAL to this process, and it takes time to achieve what it is going to take to help us all “take the jump”, if I may use that phrase. Time that NONE OF US HAVE.

Love God- Love everyone else. It isn’t about Christianity and it isn’t about the church, in fact it really isn’t even about religion- as neither Christianity nor the church existed until after and Jesus spoke of a way of BEING that totally transcended and had very little to do with religion. I mean- most everyone at the time was Jewish and he obviously wasn’t preaching that and no one can deny that his effect has been revolutionary in many ways- and this is because his teachings are FLAWLESS.

You can go against the Bible, you can go against Christianity, you can go against organized religion and think that it is all a bunch of bs or some sort of mind control- but never have I ever heard of an argument completely focused and against the actual teachings of Jesus Christ- who spoke about the importance of these two commandments- Love God, Love Everyone Else. If you focus on these two things, all the other commandments are cake- and you change your life and everyone else’s life around you for the better.

If you need a mantra to remind you- I offer you this one: In Every Face I See, I See the Face of God. Then try to love as much as you possibly can. Again, it is the most selfish thing you can do for yourself, esp. right now in this moment in time.

Love wasn’t a suggestion, it was a commandment- and we will both act accordingly and make a conscious choice to shift our complete focus on our compassion and love for each other- or we will find ourselves fucked beyond belief. Bitch, dismiss and ridicule, or deny however you like, but you do so at your own peril.

Luciferians believe that astrologically- we are at the gates of Heaven and they are correct- as all of Heaven is with us right now: watching us, guiding us, and loving us. But have no question- Heaven DOESN’T PLAY. We will do what we have been told or we will suffer the consequences- and those consequences will be incredibly severe.

I really don’t understand the argument against love anyway. What is so difficult or so terrible about loving everyone and everything around you? It only IMPROVES our lives and makes them better, while going against it only promotes discord and unhappiness. Judgement, hatred, and all that comes with these two states of being only brings strife and pain. For me it is a no brainer what to choose.

But choose we must, and this time there is absolutely NO fence sitting. We either do as we are told and love as much as we can, or we will be claimed. And we were NEVER told that it would be easy but rather ONLY that it would be worth it in the end.

Love God- Love Everyone else; do this or suffer. The choice is ours and I suggest we all act accordingly, because failure or doing the opposite will result in our absolute suffering. Loving as much as you can is the most selfish thing you can do for yourself, and in the end- it will be the ONLY thing that will save any of us.

And that is what I have to say about that.

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