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New Interview on Focus on the Facts and a Development on the Wetterling Case

Here is a link to my interview today. 7/25/2016. I am in the second half. And right after I posted the last article on the Jacob Wetterling abductor pics being different in a new video Aaron Larson put out than the ones that have been out for decades- I pm’d Larson on Facebook and […]

Why Are The Pics of Jacob Wetterling’s Abductor in this Video with Aaron Larson Different Than Those Released Years Ago?

I was just sent this video of Aaron Larson talking about the abduction of his friend Jacob Wetterling but the pictures of Jacob’s abductor have CHANGED drastically. Here is the video… The video is short and you can tell the composites have been ALTERED. And here are the abductors pictures released years ago… And […]

The Investigations into My Father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. and Step-Mother Joanne C. Shurter, or Rather the LACK of Them

A couple months ago, I was told of a man named Aaron Larson who was with Jacob Wetterling when he was abducted on October 22, 1989 and was Jacob’s best friend. I found him on Facebook and sent him a message- telling him who I was, who my father was, that I believe my father […]

The Use of Hidden and Secret Facebook Groups That Are Being Used to Engage in the Extreme Targeting of Vulnerable People- Most Esp. Children

It is no secret that vulnerable people are being targeted online and that certain groups and forums are seeking personal information from people, often within 10 minutes of the person going into these groups. These groups are attracting their victims with sweet promises and are often incredibly nice in order to draw in these vulnerable […]

A Facebook Post About Our Luciferian Loving Leaders

Have any of you noticed how sickly our leaders seem to be looking as a whole lately? How their skin looks pasty, their eyes look drawn, and how tired they look? There is a reason for this- and why this is occuring to all of them as a WHOLE. They are being consumed by the […]

The Shunning Program and the Survivor Community

I was totally blessed to speak to my therapist today and I was “reminded” of things that I have forgotten concerning abuse and how it affects the person who have been abused. Survivors of abuse almost always have a hard time achieving a sense of identity. We are so controlled that we never get a […]

An Honest Look as To Why I Have Very Little Respect for the Survivor Community as a Whole

I woke this morning and am really irritated and decide to write why. You have to remember, this is my personal blog and I really need to vent. People out there are saying that I have no respect for the survivor community- and honestly, they are 110% correct- but let me explain why. First- let […]

Neil Brick and His Response to My Article About Him Yesterday

I woke this morning to find this link in my email: So I want to deal with what Neil Brick responded with in regards to my article yesterday… Neil Brick writes: “Update: David Shurter has been repeatedly making factually inaccurate statements about S.M.A.R.T. and Neil Brick, some that are incredibly bizarre in nature. David […]

As Much as I Hate to Admit It- Satanist Lucien Greaves and His “Grey Faction” Are Correct About Neil Brick

Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Satanist Lucien Greaves and Neil Brick are at it once again, and once again Neil is doing his best to support and defend himself all over the internet. The issue that I have with Brick’s campaign is that Brick set up and titled it “Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse and […]

An Honest Look at Hitler, MKUltra, and the American Government

The issue that our government has with this whole MKUltra issue is that, although they are doing their best to make it into a case of conspiracy theory, we have undeniable evidence that it existed. They say that it ended way before the Church Committee conducted a formal congressional inquiry- but this program was completely […]