A Facebook Post About Our Luciferian Loving Leaders

Have any of you noticed how sickly our leaders seem to be looking as a whole lately? How their skin looks pasty, their eyes look drawn, and how tired they look? There is a reason for this- and why this is occuring to all of them as a WHOLE.

They are being consumed by the darkness from the INSIDE. They aren’t telling anyone- but their dreams are FILLED with constant nightmares- and STRESS is beginning to consume their every thought.

They believed that THEY were the ones in charge- that no one was more powerful than them. But they- as a whole- are beginning to realize the folly of their ways, because THEY had no real power. Delusions of grandeur- egos the size of an entire universe- but the power they fed upon WAS NEVER THEIRS.

Now- they are being claimed. And funny- although they would deny it-it seems their victims have FREE REIGN to terrorize them any time they feel the need. Esp. In their sleep.

The “shell” they created learned how to become a “doorway” and has made it possible for the other side to come back and forth at will. And it makes no difference WHO believes this- it won’t change anything one bit. It isn’t dependent on public opinion- and THEY know this to be true, which is the only thing that matters.

No sleep- and if they sleep- NO REST. And this is just the beginning of their fun. A prelude, if you will, for what awaits them.

Heaven doesn’t appreciate what they have done. In fact- as a result- Heaven is 100% focused on WRATH. And since the spell has already been cast- there is absolutely NO GOING BACK.

They should enjoy what they have while it lasts- because it isn’t going to last for long. The darkness that that is eating them alive from the inside is getting ready to claim them- and OH WHAT WONDERS it has in store for them.

But keep a close watch on them- you will see what I am saying is true. They taught the wrong person their shit- and now that it has been used against them- there is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to change what is happening.

Again- the game in front of them is “come clean or be claimed” and for some- there simply isn’t enough time to make amends for the crimes against Heaven they have committed.

Oh well- but as the old saying goes- sometimes karma can be a REAL BITCH, and they are already beginning to reap theirs.

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