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Nebraska Foster Care Is Imploding- Found on

The Foster Care System is Imploding The longtime director of the Foster Care Review Board was ousted today by her board of directors, who voted unanimously to terminate her after 29 sometimes tumultuous years at the helm. It was unclear exactly why the board terminated Carol Stitt – who was hailed by both the board and […]

What We Survivor’s Can Do To Make A Difference

In recent months, I have been contacted by many survivors who have asked what they can do to get their stories looked at.  One letter in particular, a mother and grandmother is desperately seeking out help and information as to how to reclaim her family from a cult, as every other avenue has failed her.  […]

Sent to me Via Email about the American Psychiatric Association

I am publishing this because, funny enough- when I was in San Francisco last year, we watched a huge rally of people chanting “Hey Hey APA, How Many Children Have You Killed Today”.  Considering that 1 out of every 10 Americans is on anti-depressants, it definitely shows that their could be a problem somewhere.  I […]

Hallelujah for HJR0587 !!

Sent to me via email The REAL front line in the War on Terror is wherever Agenda 21 is being crammed down our throats, to steal our property and other freedoms. In the State of Tennessee, at least one brave servant of God – Rep. Kevin Brooks – has introduced a bill for his good state to fight back! […]

It is Amazing How Many People Could Care Less about Dead Kids

I left this on facebook this morning…. The fact that so many law officials dismissed that poor kid getting shot down in Florida because of his color pisses me off so bad that I am in a bad mood today. It is amazing how many people justify not getting involved because it doesn’t directly concern […]

Bob Kerrey and the Franklin Credit Union with Concerns to Child Trafficking

Bob Kerrey was INSTRUMENTAL in helping cover up the events of Franklin Credit Union and all the child trafficking that was happening here in Nebraska in the late 80s early 90s, so my question is- why is Nebraska willing to let a carpetbagger back into office= esp. when all of this about Franklin is being re looked […]

Human Trafficking Bill Advances in Nebraska Of course- what the measure calls for is to nail the victims who are forced to pander.  The VERY people who are being trafficked.  Even when Nebraska tries to do something about this- they fail.  MUCH MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE THAN PASS A DAMN LAW.  Maybe the task force would like to hear […]

A Good Quote for the Day

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” ∼ Albert Einstein

Why I Am Doing What I Am Doing

This is a spiritual principal that I picked up along my journey… It works like this basically. If you have a grievance with your brother- first you go to him. If no resolution can be had- then you must return with a third person. If resolution still alludes the issue- lastly you must take it […]

Why I Believe My Family Is Involved with the murder Ricky Chadek in 1986

First and foremost, I know my dad to be a child killer.  I watched him torture and kill children when I was a child. In my childhood my dad and stepmother lived in Graettinger IA but traveled to Omaha frequently.  As a child we came once or twice a month, as both my grandmother Shurter […]