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Shelby County Sheriff Neil Gross KNOWS I Am MUCH CLOSER to This Meth Situation Than He Let’s On


I Am SO Sorry For Being so Terribly Wrong

More Coincidences Surrounding Me and the Shelby County IA Sheriff’s Department-Ye Saga Continues

Hey Shelby Co IA Sheriff Neil Gross -I Saw Your Visitor This Morning- They Don’t Look So Confident

Someone OTHER than Shelby County IA Authorities Need to Investigate the Meth Operation in Shelby Co


It Won’t Be A Coincidence When I End Up Dead Although Most Will Look Away-Like With Max Spiers BUT..

I Figure It Is Pretty Much Over For Me Considering- CheckMate

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

If I Were The Higher Ups- I May Go Into Col. Michael Aquino’s Files and See What He Was Really Doing

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Hey Lucien Greaves Taking Your Crap About Me Off YouTube Won’t Stop Them From Investigating You

They already are aware of you and your group’s connection to white supremacists and that insurrection and pretending you haven’t been after me for YEARS isn’t gonna do anything to help you. They already know …   And this is the email to Shelby County Sheriff Neil Gross and the idiot who sent me the […]