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Detailing with Everything That Happened DURING My Last Live Vid and AFTERWARDS When I Was Done

David Shurter is Live! They Were in My House Today and Put My Dog Out in the Heat! They Just Came In My House This Afternoon and Let My Dogs Out In the Heat After I Posted My Last Vid A Perfect Example Why You Can’t Believe @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce Because the Hag Lies And THIS is […]

A “Maintenance” Worker Next Door In The Middle of the Night- More of the Same

And it was immediately after I published THIS video… Col. Michael Aquino and His Group Were Behind Max Spiers and Issac Kappy’s Murder to Shut  Them Up And their directed energy weapon that is on me is off the damn charts. It is BLASTING me!

Shelby County Sheriff Neil Gross KNOWS I Am MUCH CLOSER to This Meth Situation Than He Let’s On


I Never Wanted to Do This But I Was Left with No Real Choice Plus Communication with My Local Sheriff


It IS a Spiritual War After All

To Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross- If I Were You I’d Take This Video Quite Seriously For what it’s worth, I know neither choice will be easy and I’m sorry- but I know you have it inside you to see this through correctly.

Hey Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross-We May Finally Be Able To Deal With Each Other Directly

If tonight’s city council vote goes the way everyone thinks, and your department absorbs the local police department. Then you don’t have to go after my dying disabled elderly sister anymore. You and I can deal with each other directly. And there won’t be anymore of this “I can’t deal with you directly because you […]

I’ve Never Published Two Videos In One Day Before

Right Before They Posted On Twitter that the Police Had Been at My House- THEY WERE IN MY HOUSE An Addendum To This Mornings Video- An Explanation on the Reaping

Not at Mine But Day After My Last Video Shelby County Sheriff Neil Gross Shows Up at My Sis’s Door

  WOW- QUITE THE COINCIDENCE No Mr. Founder of the Satanic Temple- My Local Police Did NOT Come to My Door Yesterday

No Mr. Founder of the Satanic Temple- My Local Police Did NOT Come to My Door Yesterday

New Email From My Local Sheriff

My local chief of police is in a mental facility and THIS guy is the one who helped them cover up their murder attempt of both me and my sister when they blew up that gas station in Earling. But whatever happens is gonna happen. My reply