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MIT Says It DID NOT Target Aaron Swartz This article would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Word on the street is that Aaron Swartz found evidence that a child trafficking ring was involved with MIT, and it was this information and not a bunch of free files that caused the institution and our government to target the boy so hard. […]

*TRIGGER WARNING* Detailed Descriptions of the Abuse that I Endured as a Child: Recently Requested Info by the Michigan State Police

First of all, I am compelled to issue a *sever trigger warning* to anyone who wishes to read this article.  Asked by the Michigan State Police to detail my experiences as a child in the cult so that they may better understand four child murders in their state, I have finally decided to chronicle some […]

My Interview with Ellie Fields, Professional Trauma Therapist- on Dissociative Identity Disorder Episode 21 is the newest interview, the first in a series regarding Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the effects of and treatments for extreme trauma, dissociation, and DID- what was once known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Ellie Fields is a Nebraska licensed practicing therapist, who has specialized in trauma. She introduces herself and we proceed […]

Summer Copy of Paranoia Magazine

Got my summer copy of Paranoia magazine and totally appreciate the job they did on publishing my article on Human Trafficking.  For those of you who would like a copy- you can contact Ron Patton at either or at P.O. Box 131530, San Diego, CA  92170.  My particular issue is in Vol. 18, No. […]

Giving the Dead Children in the Midwest a Voice- Why I Will Continue to Persue an Investigation into my Family

The calls and emails that I have received from people in Omaha regarding the whole 80’s decadence have been fascinating to me.  Nothing more than a small town striving to be a big city- and back then even more so, it appears to me that there are a lot of people who knew, or suspected, […]

The Case of Todd Bequette, An Omaha Abducted Child

At the age of 13 in 1974, Todd Bequette was one of the boys that was abducted down in the Old Market area here in Omaha NE.  The police- refusing to do anything like usual, did nothing which forced his family to hire Danny Whalen- a local private investigator, who eventually found Todd and his […]

The Local Media and the Current Chief of Police talking About Omaha What is missing from this piece is the fact that Omaha has NO PUBLIC AUDITOR- and so the police are policing themselves. This video talks about the case on Seward street where a neighbor filmed police violating people’s rights, but this would have NEVER come forth had this person not done it in secrecy […]

Ricky Chadek and the Similarities to Other Child Murders

In May 1986, a young boy by the name of Ricky Chadek was abducted, taken care of, and found murdered a week later here in Omaha- much like what happened with the Oakland Child Killings in Michigan.  This case is what started me looking hard at my parents- as it was a year after I […]

Michigan, Child Killings, and the Connection to Omaha with Satanic Cult Practices

There is a series of four child killings in Michigan that happened in 1976 and 1977, the exact same time that I was forced to light a man on fire who found us in his search for his missing daughter.  As such- it is my contention that these events may be related, and that a […]

A Word About My Targeting

It was not until a couple years back that I discovered that there was a whole community of people who have been targeted, for whatever reason, by our government- so when this whole NSA ordeal of our government spying, profiling, and eavesdropping  on average citizens came out, I wasn’t all that surprised.  Our leaders have […]