Giving the Dead Children in the Midwest a Voice- Why I Will Continue to Persue an Investigation into my Family

The calls and emails that I have received from people in Omaha regarding the whole 80’s decadence have been fascinating to me.  Nothing more than a small town striving to be a big city- and back then even more so, it appears to me that there are a lot of people who knew, or suspected, what was going on in Omaha at the time I am speaking about- assuring me that I am not alone in all of this.  More so, these people have stopped being afraid and now seem to what to talk about what they know.  I get asked why I go onto Craigslist Rants and Raves- when all I generally experience is degradation and criticisms, but it is because of the people who are contacting me in private that keeps me there.  That and I have to admit- it is a good place to take out aggression.

Accusing me that I am doing what I am doing all for myself- and that I should be doing more to help children in other ways- I had to make the declaration yesterday that I am not working on behalf of the children who are alive- but rather the ones who lost their lives in all of this.  In other words- I am working on behalf of the DEAD and MURDERED kids.  Constantly having it thrown in my face that I, by all intents and purposes, am a child killer- although I was FORCED each and every time and it stopped at the age of 10- I find it interesting that I, as a victim, get ridiculed while my father and his third wife are hailed as victims in all of this.  Wanting to make it all about me- nothing could be farther from the truth, as I am doing what I am doing in hopes that one day I may escape the bonds that have held me to all of this so far.  I just want justice for those who have obviously been forgotten.

At the same time three paper boys were abducted in West Des Moines IA- my father’s sister and family lived in the area.  When Jacob Wetterling disappeared- my brother and sisters lived in Minneapolis, St. Paul.  Ricky Chadek lived in Omaha, and vacationed at the same lake we did in Minnesota called Silver Lake.  The Oakland four child murders were in my father’s home state- and he was a pilot at the time.  All of this- along with the fact that I know for a fact my father was a child murderer because it was he who was always there when I was forced to murder children, gives me ample enough reason to think he needs to be looked at with regards to all of these disappearances- and probably others I have no idea about- esp. when you consider that he owned a big blue utility truck, a white Oldsmobile, and a green ford station wagon with wood paneling on the sides that open two ways in the back; three vehicles that are of interest in some or all of these cases.

It is written that the sins of the father fall upon the shoulders of the son, and so therefore I feel that it is my obligation- despite the bs I am going through- to try and make all of this right somehow.  It is only in understanding our past that we are able to effectively change the future, and considering that my father and his family were connected to a much larger picture, I feel that it is imperative that I continue what I am doing, and telling what I know and what I remember so that others may understand what happened here- and realize that although the playing field may have changed- the same old players are still up and doing what they do best- trying to make all of this go away.

I have had it said that I have some sort of persecution complex and that I believe that people are conspiring against me- which makes me think of the old adage- “Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”.  Just yesterday on Craigslist someone made a veiled threat about releasing my personal information, trashing me as best they could online while others joined in.  A week and a half ago- someone cut the wings off of a sparrow and laid them out at my front steps in such a way that I knew it was some kind of message.  My booksellers have been threatened- my friends have gotten threats against me, and I have been attacked unmercifully in order to stop me from what I am doing and doing their best to prevent people from listening.  I have fought with people that I feel are disinformation agents who inundate these situations with bs, and I KNOW that the Nebraska State Patrol, the local FBI, and the CIA under the guise of Homeland Security are working diligently to avoid having to face what I have been saying- as they have not only remained silent- but the local Omaha police and Nebraska State Patrol have a HISTORY of working with my stepmother-who was a willing and EAGER participant in my families activities.  Public relations being bad enough as they are- I think there is good reason why local officials and law enforcement are doing their best to keep all of this down- as if it all came out- it would trash what little credibility they have left and probably create chaos the likes of which have never been seen before.  I guess the fact that the city of Omaha worked with Boystown to sell boys for sex is pretty big- but regardless, I think it MUST be looked at in order to make sure that it is not happening someplace else- like our higher institutions of learning.  Human trafficking needs to be stopped- and I think that it will be the voices of the dead children that in fact save those going through atrocities today, and it is my every intention of giving these dead children a voice.


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