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They’ve Been In My House Again

They were in my house again- what they are doing I have no idea. Nothing is missing that I can tell. But they turned on my living room lights so I would know they were in my house. (It was daytime and my dogs don’t know how to turn on the lights). Yes- I told […]

A Video Talking About My Training as a Child and What I Did With It as an Adult    

New Video April 16 2022

Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons

My Personal Experiences with Isaac Kappy

I speak about Isaac Kappy, Max Spiers, and Michael Aquino.

All About that Gas Station Explosion It’s not like there isn’t stuff about the gas station they blew up to get at me out there. In the first video- you can see my white house across the street and a little bit down. The house in the KETV video with the blown out windows- my sister had JUST bought […]

Detailing Some of the Attacks I’ve Had to Endure Through the Years

New Video- I Haven’t Done One in Years

  Figure maybe I’ll start back up. Since my blog was hacked.