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Ritual Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Omaha, NE

A Word to the Victims of MKUltra

Transcipt for the Testify!Project video

An Brief Explanation of Omaha’s Past

It is Not Good to Be Gay Today

New Year’s Eve 2011- Looking Ahead

An Update on Omaha, NE

Pictures of Jacob Wetterlings abductor and my father

An Email to the Media- March 26th 2011

Changes in the US TRC

A Spiritual Explanation of Sorts

Some Thoughts about the End Of Days

A Question about Healing with Regards to Ritual Abuse

A Video concerning, as a result of Googling my name.

Operation Bohemian Grove

Running into My Father’s Widow

Waking the Consciousness of a Dream: An Update for Col. Michael Aquino and his Associates

9/25/2011 If something should happen to me

Due to Safety Concerns- I published the book

After Running Into Each Other Again

Sybil, and the Timing of the New Book Hitting

Sent to Me About Sybil Exposed

Regarding the Comments on Concerning Sybil Exposed

Comments on Sybil Exposed concerning Omaha NE

Comments on Sybil Exposed, Omaha, and

A New Post of Mine On concerning Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan removed my Review of Sybil Exposed by Debbie Nathan

Mayor Jim Suttle’s connection to Omaha crimes

Douglas County gives Protection Order against David Shurter

Falsified Police Reports used to get a Protection Order against David Shurter

DavidShurter.Com at a Glance

A Letter Sent to Media, Local FBI, OPD, and Supporters 11/06/2011

Officer Edward Hale told My Sis that Joanne Shurter is Having me Arrested for my blog

Correspondance between Omaha Police Dept. and David Shurter 11/07/2011

Further Conversations with the Media, the Local FBI, and OPD 11/08/2011

Stephen W. Shurter and Johnny Gosch- 1st Abducted Milk Carton Child

A New Development With Local Omaha Police Officials

New Post Sent to Media and Contacts 11/12/2011

Nick Bryant’s New Interview on Events Concerning Omaha

About “Sybil in her own words” by Patrick Suraci, Ph.D

Why the Argument about Sybil Matters

Christmas Break

Book Launch for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Card Mentioned in Court

Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story Therapist accused of implanting satanic memories

Issues of Child Abuse are Showing Up All Over the Place

New Comment on Amazon.Com about Sybil Exposed

New Entry on Wall Street Journal review on Sybil Exposed

Rabbit Hole Book Launch January 14th, 2011

12/10/2011 Talk A Thon exposing Child Sex Abuse

A Discussion about Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Debbie Nathan and her affiliations with the National Center for Reason and Justice. (You gotta read what these people do!)

Look for “A Survivor’s Project” to be Up and Running in Early 2012

Check Out the Protection Order Against David Shurter Tab Above

Dr. Suraci/ Sybil/ and the Huffington Post

Women Alledge Satanic Abuse Memory Implants

Regarding the Concerns that have been Expressed

Sent to Me : Another View on Debbie Nathan, Author of Sybil Exposed

Nazi’s in the News
Dr. Suraci- Sybil in Her Own Words, and the Comments on the Huffington Post with Regards to Debbie Nathan’s Book Sybil Exposed

New Comments on Amazon Left By Myself

Letter to David Shurter From Joanne C. Shurter’s Lawyer- Trying to Prevent Me from Publishing Rabbit Hole

Back Cover to Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

I Have Decided to Cancel the Book Launch for Rabbit Hole

New Launch for Rabbit Hole Coming…..Despite Joanne C. Shurter- (not Joanne M. Shurter)

With Regards to Gerry Friedrickson- Joanne C. Shurter’s Cousin/Attorney

Book Launch for Rabbit Hole Delayed By a Month or So

America Can Now Detain American’s Indefinitely Without Due Process

Someone is Stealing My Trash Now
The Relentless Pursuit for Perfection

U S Funds Iran Nuclear Program.CNN News report.mp4

New Book Launch for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

SOPA- Internet Interference by the Government…

A Somewhat Paranoid Rant…

January 23, 2012 A Note to Survivors

Book Launch for Rabbit Hole : A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

WARNING: A Global Claim to Capture Control over the internet.

The Rules of the Game

A Facebook Posting of Mine

Facebook Posting between My Sis and I Concerning Our Family

Book Launch for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story Has been Postponed By a Week

Book Signing at McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe on March 3rd, 2012

What is ACTA

Interesting Writing from One of My Editors

With Concerns to the Re-emergence of Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder in the Media Lately

A Review of deJoly LaBrier’s book All Together Now- A Multiple’s Story of Hope and Healing

An Interview with deJoly LaBrier

Info on Davis, CA Child Sexual Abuse Conference

Concerning Bob Kerrey and Wanting to Run for Nebraska Senate

Press Release for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Naming Names in the Franklin Fiasco

Letter From Joanne C. Shurter and Gerald L. Friedrichsen from Omaha NE

McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, Tom the Owner, and His Connection to the French Cafe in Omaha NE

A Note to Gerald Friedrichsen about Child Abductions and Human Trafficking

Update on Omaha NE and the Politics of the City

Left On about A Recent Child Prostitution Ring Busted

A Metaphysical Explanation of Sorts on Life

This is Worth Viewing….
A Message To Col. Michael Aquino and His Followers

I’ll be Selling Books in the Old Market This Saturday- March 17-18th

Ritual Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Michigan’s history

Looking for Survivor’s of Franklin Credit Union

Omaha’s Reputation With Regards to Crimes Against Children

Selling the Book in the Old Market on St. Patrick’s Day- Left on Facebook by Me

The Name of the Man in Ocean City Maryland who Got Busted with Satanic Child Porn and the History of Hummel Park- sent to me via email.

Why I Believe My Family Is Involved with the murder Ricky Chadek in 1986

Why I Am Doing What I Am Doing

A Good Quote for the Day

Human Trafficking Bill Advances in Nebraska

Bob Kerrey and the Franklin Credit Union with Concerns to Child Trafficking

It is Amazing How Many People Could Care Less about Dead Kids

Hallelujah for HJR0587 !!

Sent to me Via Email about the American Psychiatric Association

What We Survivor’s Can Do To Make A Difference

Nebraska Foster Care Is Imploding- Found on

Some Thoughts about Easter…

Journey to Wholeness Abuse Survivor Art Show

Happy Easter- Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story was Released on Amazon Today

Being a Survivor Advocate Takes Courage of Conviction…

I Wish to Give a Shout Out and Say Thanks

Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse- Shared with Me on Facebook

Joanne C. Shurter and Gerald Friedricksen Sent Out Threatening Letters to Amazon and Barnes and Nobel Today Trying to Prevent the Publication of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Funny How This Can’t Be Kept Down….

Info on MKUltra from the NYTimes
I Need Help at this Juncture in Time

The Power of Perception

The “Other” First Milk Carton Child- who appeared alongside Etan Patz

Check out the New Page Above

It Seems that I am going to Be Working with Doug Millar and Senator John DeCamp

New Developments on the Michigan Oakland Killings Which Were Satanic in Nature…

Past Dealings with The Michigan Police Regarding the Oakland Child Killings

Our Family Owned a Farm and Most of the town of Cassopolis MI

Sent to Me By a Friend in Michigan about the Oakland Child Killings….

CISPA is just A More Dangerous Form of SOPA- and MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Concerning the Government’s Noise Frequency Weapon

Exclusive: Senate probe finds little evidence of effective “torture”

Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is now Available on Kindle

Oakland County child killers still alive, informant claims in radio statement

Prostitution arrests made in Omaha, Council Bluffs Operation targets illegal activity tied to websites

Stay Tuned- I Am Going to be Doing a Book Signing at the Next Millennium when I return from Colorado

More on Concerning Energy Frequency Weapons

Schedule for My Trip to Colorado

Returning from Columbine

Just So We Are Clear About Bob Kerrey

More Info Concerning Columbine

“Uncovering Columbine” Conference at the Next Millennium this Saturday- May 12th, 2012 1-4PM

Sobering Statistics from Our Own Justice Dept.

Why I am Involving Myself in the Columbine Case

Threats of Violence Against Those Helping David Shurter Distribute Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Lustgarden VS. Kerrey : More Explanation on Franklin

The Games are Afoot – Or Rather They Are Finally Coming Apparent to Others

A Word about the Franklin Credit Scandal and the People Involved

Sent to Me Via Email About Franklin- Kerrey and Buffett

Left by Me in a Posting on 05/14/2012

More About Franklin Credit and Those Involved….

Three Headlines in Omaha this Morning

A Conversation with Noreen Gosch/LukeJ on 5/16/2012

Another Conversation with Noreen Gosch/Luke 5/17/2012

A Walking Tour of Col. Michael Aquino with Doug Millar

Reflecting on this Past Weekend…

The Difference Between a Satanist and a Luciferian

Conversations with a Skeptic…

It Stands to Reason…

A Spiritual Confession

I Gave A Shout Out to the Ron Paul Campaign Today

Contacting More of the Media Yesterday…

An Admission and an Apology
The Rage of Victimization…

I Saw Mitt Romney at a Rally Today

An Explaination to the Previous Post

The Governmental Spider Web of Franklin Credit Union

Email Exchange with the Nebraska State Patrol

My Own Reality Check


Big Brother at It Again

A Retraction about The Threat Against My Bookseller

Jerry Sandusky…..personalities there-of….. by Peter Tscherneff

Recent News…
“And I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped” …Sandusky

U.S. Midwest in crosshairs of child sex trafficking fight

Innocence Tour from Sandusky to San Jose by Peter Tscherneff

Fast and Furious is just another 2012 version of Iran Contra

Child Sexual Assault by the Numbers

Thanks to the Graettinger Public Library for Hosting a Book Signing for Me

A Comment About the Omaha Police Department

“Animal Farm” at its Finest

More On Sandusky and Penn State- Info Sent to Me I thought I Would Share

Operation Occupy the Bohemian Grove 2012

Supreme Court refuses to reconsider campaign finance controversy


Penn State Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Rumored To Have ‘Pimped’ Boys To Donors: REPORT

And the Rich Get Richer…

Occupy Bohemian Grove Party This July Friday the 13th, 2012- July 15th, 2012

Images of Bohemian Grove- Very Triggering for Survivors-

Penn State Sex Scandal ties directly to Franklin Sex Scandal ? by Peter Tscherneff

Occupy Bohemian Grove

Illuminazi Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove – Anthony J Hilder Robert Hammond 2

New Video On Rabbit Hole and My Endeavors to Expose Child Trafficking…

Cost of Child Sexual Assault to States Each Year

Anonymous- Message to Americans

Press Release for Jack Bauer’s Radio Show

Anonymous Against Pedophile Boards

To Those Who Stand Against the Bohemian Grove

Doug Millar Violently Arrested at Bohemian Grove

The Franklin Story is Starting to Spin Again

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story_)

So Now My Friends and I Have a Shadow

New Video of Doug Millar Being Arrested at the Bohemian Grove

Letter to 20/20 About Them Doing a Show on Franklin Credit- July 16th, 2012

Reflecting on Current Events
New Article on Johnny Gosch- and Noreen Gosch

Why I Have the Issues With Noreen Gosch That I Do…

A New Post By Noreen Gosch/Luke on Slamming Me Yet Again

15th Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference

Why An Amber Alert was Never Issued on These Two Abducted Girls in IA

Another Pedophile Ring Coming Up in The News

New Post on The Michigan Child Killings (OCCK)

Photo e-mailed from Mass. man led to vast global child pornography network

Doug Millar Faced Col. Michael Aquino Today In Court. Here is A Letter I wrote for Doug

A Retraction of Something I Posted Yesterday Via Facebook and Email

New Flier from Doug Millar Concerning Satanist Lt. Col. Michael Aquino

Private Prisons Spend Millions On Lobbying To Put More People In Jail

Peter Tscherneff talks about the Bohemian Grove

Another Example of How the Media Given Hero’s in America Are Anything But…

Ever wonder how The Government is Going to Get American’s Into Camps?

Witchcraft-based child abuse: Action plan launched

A Recap of Last Weekend’s SMART Conference in Hartford, CT

Remote Viewing and Mind Reading/Bending… Really?

Todays Info on What is Happening with Regards to Det. John Pankonin- Judge Marlon Polk, and Mayor Suttle regarding My Family’s Involvement in a Child Trafficking Ring

My Interview with Clay Douglas

A Message to the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet

The Media Blitz of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch : How John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch Have Hijacked Control of the Franklin Credit Scandal

A New Posting on by Noreen Gosch aka Luke

Coming Clean About Franklin Credit and the Johnny Gosch Issues That I Have

New Edition of Rabbit Hole coming out…

An Explanation about My Anger

Some Comments Shared on Facebook

Redirecting My Energy

Some Thoughts Left On Facebook for Rabbit Hole…

What Has Happened Since the Publishing of Rabbit Hole

New News on the Horizon

Another Example of the Sabotage I have had to Deal With In this Smear Campaign against Me.

Check Out this Website- Given to Me by a Friend on Facebook… Dr. Gonzo’s Revenge.
Time Change on My Radio Show Tomorrow

Torture Using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons Site and One on Col. Michael Aquino

TalkShoe Radio Program

Post by a Friend on Facebook…

Info On Satanism from David McGowans Book “Programmed to Kill” sent to me on Facebook

Letter to the Oakland Child Killing Task Force in Michigan

Second TalkShoe Radio Show

Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont

The Precedence of Our Judicial System Concerning Future Pedophiles With Regards to the Jerry Sandusky Case

Constant Attacks on Craigslist Rants and Raves…..

re Constant Attacks on Craigslist

Just So I’m Clear About the Political Race…

I Am At a Loss

For Those Interested, Rabbit Hole is Being Offered for Free on Amazon

Rabbit Hole is Free on Amazon Until Midnight Tonight

Arguments Against Me on the OCCK Website (Oakland County Child Killing Case)

What Jacob Wetterling, Ricki Chadek, Eugene Martin, Johnny Gosch, and Four Murdered Children in Michigan Have in Common

New Radio Broadcast with Omaha Historian David Holland

New Article by deJoly LaBrier on this Newly Begun Hallowmas Season

A Response to Paul Bonnaci and his Comments on

E. John Brandeis and His Importance in Omaha and the Franklin Scandal

Some Thoughts for the T.I. Community (Targeted Individuals)

A Question Posed on Amazon About Satanic Cult Activity Radio Posts

A Rant About the End of the World

An Inside Look at the BBC and the Jimmy Saville case

The Fallout Between Noreen Gosch and Nick Bryant- Author of “The Franklin Scandal”

A Word About

A Reply from Noreen Gosch and the Trash Talk about Me

Validation? maybe for My Claims with

A Captive Night on

The Reason for the Fallout Between Me and Noreen Gosch/

Suddenly- After Mentioning Paul Bonnaci’s Name- He Shows up In

Sent to Me this Morning about the Hoopla of Noreen/Johnny Gosch situation

So what is My Objective?

Alisha Owen and Her Involvement with John DeCamp

A Birthday Gift

Concerning Certain Book Reviews on Amazon about Rabbit Hole

Some of More Stupid Arguments I Have Had about Rabbit Hole on Craigslist… lol

Responding to Criticism

Craigslist Connections to My Family

Upcoming Show on the Johnny Gosch Story to Air on MSNBC Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Critics Concerned with Rabbit Hole

An Example of What I Am Dealing With By Way of A Negative Review on Amazon.Com

Back to The Basics

An Introspection After the CT School Shooting and My Life in General Concerning Johnny Gosch

With Great Anticipation… What Everyone Has Been Waiting For

At the Eve of the End of the World

A Christmas Wish

“Missing Johnny” Premiered on MSNBC Last Night 12/23/2012 “Detailing” the case of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch

The 2nd Part of the Johnny Gosch Story to be Filmed Soon

Another Connection to the Johnny Gosch Abduction and My Family

Our Family’s Vehicles in Relation to Child Abductions

Argument Presented on Craigslist about My Post this Morning

A Claim Against Me Regarding Scientology and My Supposed Relationship with It

Facebook Postings and OCCK site Postings on Me and What I Have Said…

A Message to Michael Aquino and His Friends

Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story- Is Free Jan 1st

My Conundrum with Christianity

Our Moral Apathy and the Degregation of the Desire to Help Others- The Ohio Rape Case

The Personal Devastation of Rape

The Conjoining of the T.I. (Targeted Individual) Community with the Ritual Abuse/S.R.A (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Mind Control Community: True Power of Voice in the Making

MKUltra, Project Monarch, and and Explanation of the Connection between These and S.R.A.

Another Strange Connection between MKUltra, Omaha Events, and My Brother Stephen

Family Pics and Child Abductors Pictures

Douglas Mesner: Disinfo Agent Extraordinaire

And So It Begins…

So Let Me Get This Right…

Douglas Misicko aka Doug las Mesner aka Why Do You Need So Many Aliases?

Reply by Doug Misicko Concerning An Open Debate

The Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole Will Be Offered for FREE 1/15/2013 on Amazon

Message to Doug Misicko, False Memory Advocate, on Amazon 1/15/2013

An Example of How Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims Are Handled in the US: The Sad Case of Richard Hamlin

Remember- the Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story- is FREE Today 1/15/2013

The Attack Dogs on Amazon Regarding Anything SRA Are Nipping Again

A Plea to the Family of Aaron Swartz

A Question that Was Posed to Me…

More Amazon Attacks on 22 Faces Comment Sections….

Domestic Torture via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame

A Reply to Scientific American’s “Brain Stains” About False Memory and the Sheri Storm Story

About Being Defensive

Some of the Tactics Being Used Against Survivor’s Trying to Expose Their Abuse.

An Introduction to the Victim Bashing Fight Club on The Internet

For Those Who Would Like More Info About the Founders of the False Memory Foundation

My Issues with the False Memory Foundation’s Pedophile Protector Squad

Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection

Doug Misicko’s Attempt to Discrediting SRA Claims with Mock Rally

New Video of Me On YouTube

The Suiciding of Pedophile Investigators

Leader of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad- alias Doug Mesner

CBS Sixty Minutes Show Entitled “MPD” Introducing Sheri Stone.

False Memory Foundation just LOVES its Pedophile Protection Squad… Although the Squad Denies It.

Let’s Get Back to Basics… My Parent’s are a Pair of Murdering Child Abducting Pedophiles and Local Officials REFUSE to Look into It.

A Brief Overview of the False Memory Foundation

Links from The TalkShoe Program on 1/30/2013

Website Sent To Me this Morning- Lots of Info on Michael Aquino

New Review of My Book By Douglas Mesner- Proud Leader of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad

The Attacks on Amazon Ensue

Doug’s Review and Comments on my Blog- Since He Complained to Amazon Again…

Comments on Rabbit Hole from Douglas (same anon- probably Mesner)

A Confession of Sorts

Some Thoughts on the Critics Concerning Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

A Recent False Memory Foundation Call to Action Letter and A Response from Judy Byington

A Quote From Debbie Nathan- Author of Syblil Exposed- on Facebook

Regarding My Faith and Recent Events…

Amazon, Survivor’s, and the CIA Connection to the False Memory Foundation- My Concerns for the Day…

New TalkShoe Program Featuring Neil Brick, Judy Byington, and Felicity Lee

I Have Left Amazon Due to My Advisors Direction

Shining As A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor- Our Time is at Hand

Some Insight Into the Artist Side of My Personality

A Word before Walking Away….

Ad Hominem Attacks on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

A Rant by the anon Douglas on Amazon About Me… With Some Clarifications

Terroristic Threats Were Leveled at Me Last Night on the Internet

On My Journey to Expose MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse…

The Explanation Given to Me By Amazon As to Why I Was Banned

Another Example of Douglas and Critthink on Amazon Targeting Me

Targeting by Internet Stalking- the Smear Campaign Continues…

A Word About My History with Satanism/MKUltra and Where I Stand Today

An Apology to the TI (Targeted Individual) Community

New Actions on Behalf of the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad

Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection

Suing the False Memory Foundation Pedophile Protector Squad and Linking Survivor’s Together to STOP the Anon Attacks that are Causing Such Pain for Survivors

A New Interview with Me Concerning the SPECIFICS of my Satanic Ritual Abuse

New TalkShoe Program Talking About My Own Personal Targeting and Others

New TalkShoe Interview About Dissociative Identity Disorder

Talkshoe Episode 19: More Conversation on What It Is Really Like to Live with Dissociative Identity Disorder

The Reason Why My Concerns Have Been Unheard by Omaha Police is Because There is NO PUBLIC AUDITOR

Eastertime Musings…

Jeanette Bartha, Critthink, and Karmakaze Are Trolling Around on the Internet Making More Issues for Everyone Talking about 22 Faces

A Declaration from an SRA-MKUltra Survivor to Other Survivors of the Same

New Concerns Regarding the Diagnosis of DID- Sent to Me This Morning Via Email

The Connection of Child Trafficking in Texas and Nebraska in the 1980’s

Free Range Humans Radio

My Sister Kathy Being Interviewed About Our Past History By Karen of FreeRangeHumans

My Interview with Karen with FreeRangeHumans Concerning my History with SRA and MKUltra

The Reality of Male Slavery- Human Trafficking at It’s Finest

The Straw Man Arguments Forming Against the Validity of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

The Problem I Have With Senator Ernie Chambers and the Rest of the So Called Investigators of Franklin Credit

The Gaslighting of American Media

Aarron Swartz, MIT, Child Trafficking and American Media…

Opinions on Craigslist that I Thought Were Interesting…

Supposedly a Sgt. Mills from The Omaha Police Dept. Responded to Me on Craigslist.

David Shurter – Satanic Ritual Abuse and MK Ultra Programming Survivor

More Corruption in Omaha: Police ‘overpayment’ eyed ahead of Omaha mayoral election- Jean Stothert campaign: Overpayment looks like secret deal

The Media Glorification of Noreen Gosch

Updated Video Post of my Radio Interview with Karen and FreeRangeHumans

The Over reaching of the DSM 5 and our Second Amendment Rights

With Regards To the Recent Criticisms and Death Threats

Omaha’s New Mayor- A New Chance to be Heard

Men Getting Raped in the U.S. Military and the Pentagon Buying and Downloading Child Porn
Are the People on Omaha’s Craigslist Rant and Raves Indicitive of the Rest of the Population?

More to Me than My Past

CNN, Elizabeth Loftus, False Memories, and the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad

The Fall of the Human Empire

Sex Trafficking in the Metro- Article on KMTV

Why Is Everyone Dying Who Was Connected to the Boston Bombing?

“Some Questions are best left un-asked”- A Rant

4 Ways to Fight Sex Trafficking- by

The Spiritual Component With Regards to My Past Concerning Mind Control

This says so much I can’t even begin to say…

Proof is a burden for victims of child abuse

Naming Names with Regards to the Johnny Gosch Abduction

Doug Mesner Published the Same Old Alien Crap on the Examiner that I Have Complained about Before

Survivors of Ritualized Abuse Form Coalition with Nobel Peace Prize Nominee to Fight International Child Trafficking Rings

YouTube Video Karen of FreeRangeHumans Made from My Interviews with Her on BlogTalk

The Fight with False Memory Pedophile Protector Advocate Doug Mesner/miSICKO and the Continuing Battle for Real Survivor’s to be Heard

Update: Doug Mesner/miSICKO reuploaded Castlewood Argument to get Rid of the Comments

Please See the Page Above

Now THIS IS a Good Question

Little Girl Doug Mesner/Misicko Trys to Get Me Banned on Facebook ONCE AGAIN.

The Satanic Component of the False Memory Foundation’s Spokesperson

On the Front Lines, Fighting for Survivors- Why I Continue to Battle for Us to Be Heard

Why I Believe that My Brother Stephen Wesley Shurter is a Serial Killer like Our Father

Why Did It Take Me Until Seven Years Ago to Come Forward?

Kathleen Taylor discusses her book “Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control.”

Another Whistle Blower gets Targeted and the Suddenly Disappears

The Fight Against Human Trafficking in Nebraska- the On Going Battle

Castlewood Jury Tainted by the False Memory People and Plantiff’s Lawyers

A VICTORY in the Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking in Nebraska

Castlewood Clinic, Therapy, and the False Memory Pedophile Protector Foundation

The False Memory Foundation’s Pedophile Protector Squad Spokesperson and His Crusade against Survivors

The History of the False Memory Foundation PP Spokesperson Doug Mesner/Misicko and His Attacks on Survivor’s

Concerning Facebook and Trolls- PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE

Getting Back to Basics…

For Those of You Who Are Wondering If There is REALLY a Media Campaign to Dismiss Survivor’s of MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Nick Bryant and My Anger with the Spin Machine

My Interview with Deanna Spingola

The New Mayor Silenced Every City Employee From Talking to the Media- Could Everything I am Doing Be the Reason?

The Commonalities Between Franklin Credit, the Columbine Shooting, and Penn State

An Email Sent to Me by a Friend about PRISM

Connecting the Dots- Trying to Process What I Have Discovered with Pedophile Rings

President Clinton Apologizes for MK Ultra

A Song Whose Words Speak of Exactly What I Believe- Something Positive LoL.

RAW Footage Of Michael Hastings Car Crash (Thanks To LAnewsLOUDLABS)

Taking a Break to Film a Documentary

New Article Being Published in the Summer issue of Paranoia Magazine- A History of Silence: Human Trafficking in the United States

Enemies of the State- The Deaths of All Those Who Would Fight for Freedom and Liberty

A Serious Warning about Facebook

More Investigations Into Omaha- More Coincidences to be Had

Dodging a Bullet as the Targeting Continues- and the Race Begins

The Tag Team of Targeting- What happened this weekend

A Reevaluation When It Comes to My Advocacy Work

Targeting Just Comes with the Territory- and Nick Bryant’s Conversation with Me Today

Normalizing Child Pedophiles on Comedy Central- Are You F-ing Kidding Me?

ReInventing the Wheel- the Issues with the Survivor Community as a Whole

Interesting Views on the War on Terror and the FBI

Thank You to Foreward Reviews, I Am Honored to have been a Finalist in the Best Book of the Year Award

Living in the Retribution- A Word About Our Impending Spiritual Evolution

Before Father Flanagan Is Sainted…

A Response to a Critic about Father Flanagan, Boystown and Myself

CNN and Its Attempt to Normalize Satanism

FREE on Amazon Kindle Thurday- June 11 and Friday- June 12

A Spiritual Explanation on the Reckoning, and the Truth of the Matter

Nick Bryant, Omaha NE, and the Franklin Spin

A Message from a Puke

Living in a Child Killing World- A Personal Perspective

A Death at the Antiquarium and Still No Discussion of the Fire that Took Place There

A Word About My Targeting

Michigan, Child Killings, and the Connection to Omaha with Satanic Cult Practices

Ricky Chadek and the Similarities to Other Child Murders

The Local Media and the Current Chief of Police talking About Omaha

The Case of Todd Bequette, An Omaha Abducted Child

Giving the Dead Children in the Midwest a Voice- Why I Will Continue to Persue an Investigation into my Family

Summer Copy of Paranoia Magazine

My Interview with Ellie Fields, Professional Trauma Therapist- on Dissociative Identity Disorder

*TRIGGER WARNING* Detailed Descriptions of the Abuse that I Endured as a Child: Recently Requested Info by the Michigan State Police

MIT Says It DID NOT Target Aaron Swartz

Doug Mesner (Lucien Greaves)- Debbie Nathan- and the False Memory’s Crusade against Child Trauma

The Fall of the False Memory Foundation and It’s Public Announcement with Its Involvement with Lucien Greaves

Second Interview with Ellie Fields Regarding DID, Trauma, and Healing

Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner- Child Abuse Protector- Claims to Make Westboro Minister’s Dead Mother Gay- Is this Satanist a Hero?

Survivor Addresses Judy Byington’s (author of 22 Faces) Husband About Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko

Lucien Greaves, the Satanic temple, 22 Faces, and Facebook- Trying to Connect the Dots

Why Lucien Greaves, Doug Mesner, author Debbie Nathan, and The False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Matters

Who Is Argo on Amazon and Why Does it Matter? A Closer Look At the False Memory Foundation

Dealing with Trolls on the Internet- And My Local Authorities Failure to Investigate Crimes Against Kids

Another FBI Raid for Human Trafficking… The Desperate PR Campaign to Hide the Truth of the Matter

Contrary to Popular Belief, Dissociative Identity Disorder is NOT always Indicative of Satanic Ritual Abuse

About Nick Bryant and The Murder of Peter Citron, An Amendment to Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Questions as to Whether the Westboro Grave Ritual, Documented by the Huffington Post, Occurred
New Amazon Posts concerning the recent constant Attacks on 22 Faces, Judy Byington, Felicity Lee, and Bluemoon by the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad

Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Child Abduction Cover-Ups at It’s Finest

Retaliation Against Professionals Who Report Child Abuse By Katherine Hine

The Politics of Child Abuse- A Free Hour and 15 Minute Webinar

I’m Back on Amazon

The Uphill Battle Facing Nebraska Volunteers Fighting Human Trafficking

Arguments Against Me Posed by the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad on Amazon

Part Two on the Politics of Child Abuse with Felicity Lee and David Shurter

What It All Boils Down to Regarding the False Memory Foundation and their Theories and History of Lawsuits

Communities and Child Abuse/Trafficking

Another Example of America’s Judicial System BLAMING the Victim- No Matter How Old They Are

According to the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- This is how False Memories are Formed

Obama Calls for Basically Erasing Our Soldiers Memories To Get Rid of the PTSD

CNN Report- What the Government is Hiding From You

The Difficulties I have with Obama’s “Brain Initiative”

Amazon, False Memory Pedophile Protectors, and the Protection of Satanically Affiliated Trolls on the Site

Amazon’s Support of Pedophiles and Satanists.

These Are the Type of Posts Megan H. at Amazon Customer Services Allows and Promotes on the Amazon Website.

Gang Stalked/Reported on Amazon By the False Memory Trolls

Please Check out My Review for Judy Byington’s book 22 Faces

New YouTube Video on the Amazon Trolls that are Attacking Judy Byington and her book 22 Faces

Why Does the False Memory PP Squad Have A Direct Line Into Amazon by way of Megan A. ?

New Media Promotion of Elizabeth Loftus and Her Controversial False Memory Claims

New Article about Mind Control Survivor’s- Please Consider Signing the Petition to Try and Get This Out

Thoughts on the Tribulation

National Academies To Release Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking Report

More Media Spin on the Oakland Child Killing Case in Michigan

Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces, and Her Crusade to Expose CIA Mindcontrol

MKUltra Trigger Video- Please- If you are a Survivor of Any Kind- Be Warned this Video is HIGHLY triggering (And I am not saying that lightly by any means)

There Are Games Afoot- The Baby Eatting Castlewood Case and Elizabeth Loftus and Her Pedophile Protection Sqaud’s Crusade Against Judy Byington, Author of 22 Faces

Light therapy brings back dark memories : News Report on KETV on EMDR

Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is FREE on Kindle till Sunday

Shamanic Psycho-Pumping and the State of the World

A Word About My MKUltra Training

Ivory Garden and the Conference Coming Up in Seattle this Next Year

Reflecting on My Situation- Justice Denied for Child Killings

Informational Show On Targeting- I and Renatta Murry are Being Interviewed Friday, Oct. 11th 2013 on Talkshoe about Specifics on Being a Targeted Individual

Comparing Dozier School for Boys and Boystown- Nebraska’s Deplorable Record with Protecting Children

European Exposure…

Talk Show Program Tonight- 10/11/2013 on Targeting and Targeted Individuals

The Patents for Weapons of Which I Spoke Last Night

Interview with Ron Patton and Elisa- MKUltra Training and Such

A Idea for Omaha and Surrounding Communities to Be Apart of Something Important

Radio Interview Tonight and Tomorrow

Podcast of the Interview I did with Stephen Robert’s on Cancel the Cabal

New Post to Critthink (Doug Mesner) on Amazon- Much More to Come….

1977 Joint Hearing on MKUltra

Looking Forward to the Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference In Seattle October 2014

Taking a Breather
Being Stalked by My Half Sister Christina Marie Blumkin/Shurter from Omaha NE

Note from My Sister Kathy in Reponse to Our Stepmother’s (Joanne C. Shurter) Daughter Christina Marie Blumkin/Shurter

Child Sacrifices in California, Holland and Vatican Catacombs?

An Update on My Investigation
About this Apocolypse

Saving Agent Snowden from his Handlers Greenwald and Omidyar By Yoichi Shimatsu

You Don’t Have to Go to Canada To Find EXTREME Child Abuse on Indian Reservations

The Targeting of My Sister Since She Agreed to Talk

Reflecting on My Investigation into the Connection to Child Trafficking, Satanism, and Omaha Nebraska

False Memory Foundation and CIA Cults

Taking Some Heat Recently

Interesting Gem Found On the Internet About the Process Church and A Comment About the End of This World

Edward Snowden Against British Intel and the NSA

Some Facts by Felicity

Hey- I am Back to Posting

An Update on What Has Been Happening

The Cost of My Advocacy Work

Repeating Old Ways- A Survivor’s Dilemma

The Lesson of Love

A Real Life Look at the Testemant of My Life

An Admission of Making So Many Mistakes that It Makes My Heart Heavy

A Break from the Advocacy

Why Bad Things Happen- Refocusing Direction With a Thank-You

Look for My New Article Coming in the Winter Edition of Paranoia Magazine

Child Trafficking and Governmental Mind Control in the Heartland: The Cost of Child Advocacy

The Upcoming New Year: New Possibilities and a Looking Back on the Past Year

Child Trafficking and Mind Control in the Heartland- My Cost of Child Advocacy New Article for Winter Edition

Going Forward Into the Future- Some Advice for Survivors

Investigation busts online sex abuse ring targeting children in Philippines

Governor Dave Heineman signed the Proclamation observing January 2014 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Why Does Righteous Indignation Run So Hot and Cold Concerning Child Sex Exploitation?

Facts by Felicity Lee

Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Guest Speakers

Letter from IGDID and Felicity Lee Regarding the October Conference in Seattle

The Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is Free for 5 Days

For a Good Read About Doug Mesner aka Lucian Greaves

A New Con By the False Memory False Pedophile Protection Squad on the Huffington Post

My Comment for the Huff Post Article…

And They Say It Doesn’t Happen Here…

The General Attitude of Doug Mesner aka Gordon the Anon?, and His Pedophile Protection Squad Crew

Same Ole Same Ole One Of Six Omaha Cops Fired For Excessive Force, Illegal Search And Seizure Is Already Back In Uniform

Jean Stothert said the Citizen Complaint Review Board will review complaints against sworn officers filed by citizens

Film Sent to Me that Details Me in It

Ellie Fields on Dissociation and EMDR

New False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad Article on Huffington Post

You Know You Are Doing Something Right… When Doug Mesner Writes a WHOLE ARTICLE About You on His Website

Attacks Against Me on Huffington Post- and People Think I am Not Being Targeted

Yeah- Dylan Farrow Looks Happy

A Response to Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves Article “David Shurter’s Epic Fail”

Another Post By Doug Mesner- and Yet Another Retort

I Am Not Fighting With You Dougy Mesner aka Satanist Luciean Greaves of the Ridiculous Satanic Temple

Felicity Lee’s New Post On Amazon After Dealing with the PP Squad Trolls for a Year and a Half

A Word About The Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Seattle on October 3-5th, 2014

Article by Normon Solomon- Amazon in League with the CIA

According to the Daily Item newspaper, Miranda Barbour said that she was involved with a Satanic cult.

Critthink/Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves and His Presumption that My Experiences are not Mine

Some Words on Internet Trolls

The Inaccuracy of Childhood Memories

Continuing Education Units WILL BE OFFERED at the Conference on Trauma and Dissociation in Seattle in October

Felicity’s Reply to Doug Mesner’s/Luciean Greaves New Article about The Dangers of Online Support Groups

An Update to What Was Posted on Amazon this Morning

New Book Reviewing all the Court Documents of Child Abuse that Occurred in the 80s and 90s

The Next Objective of the Pedophile Protection Squad- Stopping the Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation

Message to Sheri Storm- (False Memory Poster Child) and the Rest of the PP Squad

It Has Come to My Attention that the Pedophile Protection Squad is Working With My Family

A Prayer for Michael Holcomb and His Beautiful Family

Left on Amazon by My “Half Sister” Joanne Shurter and My Brother’s Daughter Christina Marie Shurter/Blumbkin With a Reply From Both Myself and My Older Sister Kathy

Amazon Trolls- Showing they are In League with My Stepmother’s Family

Judy Byington’s (Author of 22 Faces) Examiner Articles on SRA, Ritual Abuse, and Child Trauma

We Are Looking for Donations for the Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation

And the Memory Wars Wage On- by Virginia Hughes on National Geographic

New Book on the “Witch Hunt” of the 80s- Esp. McMartin

FFCHS- A Disinformation Group: A New Article on the Group that Perps Targets

People Who Support the False Memory Foundation are Not Worth My Time and Effort

New Video Explaining My Situation and Why I Need Help

New Interview with Me and Ron Patton- Editor of Paranoia Magazine

An Invitation to Have the Targeted Individual Community Shut Its Mouth -Primarily Renata “Everyone at work stalks me” Murray and Big Babyand Put Its Money Where Their Big Ass Mouths Are

A New Perspective Regarding the Survivor Community and the Targeted Individual Community

Because of Him

Removing Myself From the Victim Communities

Wonder Why Rich and Powerful Pedophiles Get Away With Having Sex with Kids

The Real Problem With Survivor Communities

Gordon on Amazon Says Pedophilia is not a Crime- Claiming it is Okay

Stories from Pedophile Hollywood

Some Thoughts on the Bohemian Grove

Some Thoughts on Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Group of Young People on Amazon that Claim it Isn’t Real

Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner at it Again Pushing the Envelope for Satanism

Mesner’s/Greaves “Epic Fail” at Harvard University

Lest We Forget- An Atrociously Written Memorial By Joanne C. Shurter about My Father
An Interesting Observation on Amazon- 22 Faces

Florida Town Must Open Meeting With Satanic Prayer or Violate Supreme Court Ruling

Why I- David Shurter- Took A Break from Battling Satanism

A Word on My Family Regarding My Father and Step Mother’s Past

California Police Acquitted of Kelly Thomas Death Gives Green Light to Bad Cops- Article by Angelina Bouc (January 14, 2014)

Ya- Elite Pedophile Groups Don’t Exist . Right.

Pedophile Ring in Houston TX the Same Time that Omaha Was Prostituting Boys

The Airing of More Dirty Laundry

I Know This is Australia- but People Like Ralph Underwager- One of the False Memory Founders, Said this Years Ago

The Senate Intelligence Committee just rushed to approve CISA, a bill that would give the NSA more access to our private data than ever before.

What Happens in the UK Generally Comes to America Eventually

A Brief Summary of What I Have Been Doing on This Blog Part 1&2

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the False Memory Foundation, and the “Witch hunt” of Franklin Credit Union

The Witch-Hunt Narrative: Politics, Psychology, and the Sexual Abuse of Children

Spingola Speaks- Interview with David Shurter

Book Review on “The Trauma Myth: The Truth about Childhood Sexual Abuse- and It’s Aftermath

New Book Review on Michael Aquino’s New Book “Extreme Prejudice”

New Interview With Stephen Roberts on Cancel the Cabal 8/1/2014

A “Conversation” Between the Anonymous Gordon and Myself on Amazon

The Campaign to Bully Authors on Amazon who Talk About Surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse

More Conversations on Amazon with Gordon As He Gets them Deleted

Stories About the Mass Graves of Poor Children Around the World.

Targeted Individuals as Perps

Living in the End Times- Could It Also Be New Beginnings?

Concerning A Review on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story / My Reply to the Attack

Pedophilia enabling follows around GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate Ben Sasse, NE

Thoughts on an Illuminati and a One World Order

Deleted Amazon Post by Michael Aquino about his Book Extreme Prejudice

Satanists want to give out materials in Orange schools

Reviewing the World in Which We Live and Its View that Satanism is a Constitutional Right of All People

Going in Another Direction

Re-evaluating My Role in Advocating for Survivors of MKUltra and SRA

The Distinction Between Satanism and Luciferianism

The Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference 2014

Some Details About My Conditioning/Programming In the MKUltra Program **TRIGGER WARNING**

Dissociative Identity Disorder – Protecting Little Parts from Being Accessed Online

A Reply to the Attacks On Me on the Internet

A New Conversation Between Christina Blumpkin/Shurter and I on Amazon

A Continuous Argument with Christina Blumpkin/Shurter of Omaha, NE on Amazon

Bishop Spong – One of the Most Intelligent Interviews On the Bible I Have Ever Heard

Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

A Reply to Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves Post “Tin-Foil Hats & Diminutive Super-soldiers: S.M.A.R.T. conference EMF shield hats”

Contrary to the Pedophile Lobby- Dissociation Isn’t a New Concept

Conversations After the Pedophile Lobby Sought Me Out to Engage Me One More Time

David Shurter Stalked By Amazon Trolls- Life And Times of David Shurter

TIME Writes About Why Rape and Trauma Survivors Have Fragmented and Incomplete Memories

A New Year for Ivory Garden- The Largest Survivor’s Forum Online

My Four Hour Interview on the Opperman Report

Information on a Debate in the New York Times

Some Comments about the Comment Section on An Article in the New York Times Entitled “Me, Me, Me, and My Therapist”

Another Argument From False Memory Supporters- The Number of Those Who Are Wrongly Accused of Being Abusers

Pointing Out the Old Arguments That Have Been Used to Distance the Public From Considering the Validity of Satanic Abuse

A Warning to Survivors

Obama’s Brain Initiative Being Implemented on Soldiers, Soon Anyone With Memories of Trauma Will Be Silenced

10 “Conspiracies” That Are No Longer Conspiracies

Article on Child Sex Exploitation including Jerry Sandusky and Franklin Credit

The Need for a Re Awakening of Respect for the Sanctity of Life

New Law Passed to Gut Funding for the Disabled: Stealing From the Disabled in America- A Real Life Example of the Hunger Games: New Law Passed to Gut Funding for the Disabled

My Opinions on Those Who Are Publicly Connected to the Franklin Cover-Up

Some Examples that Show Child Trafficking is Happening in America Today

Some Articles About Pedophilia and Penn State- The Fight to Normalize the Raping of Children

United Nations Rights for Children

Why I Am So Afraid for America As It Embraces the Philosophies of Ayn Rand

Considering What Is Happening in America- We Should Be Anything But Proud

You Are More Powerful than the State Would Have You Believe-

The American Way of Supporting Our Troops- Why I Think “American Sniper” is a Propaganda Attempt

The truth about American Sniper from an Iraq combat vet Marine

A Post About James Randi- Where the Pedophile Protection Squad Hangs Out and Plans

The Psychic Part of My MKUltra Training

As An MKUltra Survivor- A Response to the Satanists To Those Who I Grew Up With and To Those I Have Never Met

Helping the Fallen back to Heaven Was In No Way Against God

My Philosophy on Life After Being MKUltra Trained and Satanist Raised

Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document

“God’s” Training Camp

Taking Some Heat on Facebook About My Opinion About Pious, Self Righteous Christians- Using My Stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her daughter Christina Marie Blumpkin as Examples of Why I Think Christian Self Righteousness is Not Worth the Air Used to Promote It

The Day Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen of Papillion NE Tried to Help Me Commit Suicide

Black Site in America: 4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured Over Weed

Some Information on the Google Post About Elder Abuse by David Shurter By James Lico

With Regards to the Attacks on Me on Google…

A Correction about Kenneth Lanning and His Report on Satanism

47 Republicans Committed Treason- and It Is Being Buried in the American Media

It Is Time Americans Take to the Streets and Start Marching Against Our Government

Contrary to What the False Memory Foundation Club Members Assert, Kevin Annett is NOT The Spokesperson for Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse

So The Two Children Claiming Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sexual Trauma Were Examined and Have Been Found to be TELLING THE TRUTH

Amazon Conversations with Karmakaze about the Two Children Who Claim to Be Satanically Ritually Abused in the UK

This is An Interesting Complaint about the Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves

Rabbit Hole Redux — more of the Life and Times of David Shurter

An Article For Those Survivors Who Wish to Come Forward

Some Articles From Facebook Depicting the Sad State of Affairs for Children

The 13 Families that Own the World

Some Interesting Articles Sent to Me On Facebook Showing the State of Our World

More Cover Ups that the PP Squad Insist Don’t Happen.

I Would Like to Start Publishing Others Writings on My Blog

The State of the World…

Regarding the UK Child Abuse Scandal

Some Words of Advice for Pedophiles Who Wish To Explore Their Urges

This is What Happens on Amazon Constantly

Former Detective Sergeant Believes Ella Draper

An Interview with The Devil

Some Revelations About the Truth Concerning My Family and Our Nazi Connections

Why I, as a Gay Man, Decided to Join the Mormon Church

Yes, the Ring of Fire is real, and It Seems to be Heating Up

Using What I Was Taught in the MKUltra Program

How Satanism Is Used as a Smoke and Mirrors Concerning Child Abuse

According to What I Was Taught As a Child- 2015 is the Year

There are TWO Boystowns, One in Omaha and One in Australia- BOTH had the Same Sexual Abuse Issues Going On

Regarding Noreen Gosch- Mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch- and the MSNBC Video “Missing Johnny

Introducing Critthink/Menagerie- One of the False Memory Amazon Trolls Who Attack Any Survivor Who Comes Forward

FOX Broadcasting Promotes Lucifer

Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Accused Me of “Running the Streets” As A Kid

Judy Byington’s 22 Faces and the Art of Deception by “Dr. Phil”

Trending Alton Towers Leah Washington Apple Princess Charlotte FIFA Sport Technology Money Travel UsVsTh3m Home News UK News Child abuse Jersey child sex abuse: Thirteen celebrities, politicians and sports stars among dozens to be questioned

Why America Has So Many Problems With Our Police Force

Repent- For the End is Upon Us

While American’s Were Focused on Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag…

Basically the Rule of America is You Are Either for Us or Against Us- and If You are Against Us- You Deserve to Die

Found on Yahoo- Wow We are in Deep Shit

This Big Push to Normalize and Make Child Abuse Acceptable in Europe

Pedophiles Deserve Civil Rights, Argues ‘NY Times’ Op-Ed

Anonymous Explains the TPP Deal to Sell Out America to the Corporations

Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From the Public

$9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve

The Banks and the FED are Behind the Beginning of the End Times

The Hypocrisy of American Christianity

A Comment Sent to Me About Noreen Gosch and the New Documentary “Who Took Johnny”

Everything that Has Been Hidden is Coming Out into the Light…

Incomplete ITV Cook Report 1989 Satanic Ritual Abuse

60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators

New Link for Interview with Terry Dodd, Doug Millar, Ed Opperman, and Myself on Jerry Epstein and Donald Trump

Why The “Movement” To Expose and Fight Satanism is Never Going to Go Anywhere

Jesus May Attract Hypocrites, But Judging by Doug Mesner ask Doug Misicko aka Lucien Greaves and His Interview with Fox, Satan Is Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Sent to Me About the Satanic Temple, Doug Mesner, and This Whole Satanic Movement

The Economics of Child Abduction

Sex Trafficking- In Nebraska and Exposing Child Protective Services

18 CEOs Called Out By Bernie Sanders For Taking Trillions In Bailouts, Evading Taxes, and Outsourcing Jobs

The Apathy of Our Species Is What Is Going to Doom Us in the End

Having Sex with Children is Protected Under National Security Laws in UK (as well as in the US)

A Facebook Posting All About Satanist Michael Aquino

More Proof that A Cover Up Concerning Child Abuse Has Occurred

Moving Away from “False Memories” and Beginning to Realize the Vastness of Child Sex Predators

Operation Blue Beam – Details Exposed

A Supporter of Noreen Gosch Is Trying to Have My Posts on Facebook Removed As Spam

Negative Review on Amazon and My Reply

An Interview I Did on 10/21/2015

New Article About the Church of Satan by Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner/ Doug Misicko

A Message to Mankind about the Last Days

A Message to the Cult Who Trained Me

About Noreen Gosch and Her Campaign Against Me

An Urgent Wake Up Call to the American Public and the World

Sent to Me About Doug Misicko, aka Doug Mesner, aka Lucien Greaves- the Founder of the Church of Satan

About Trump and His Recent Comments About Carson

An Important Thing the Satanists Taught Me

A Great Link on the Hampstead Case

A Comment I Made on Facebook

A Great Site For People Who Want to Know More About the Hampstead Case

A Research Study for Adult Survivors of Trauma and Ritual Abuse

The Satanic Ritual Abuse Case of Hampstead

Article About a Teacher in Hampstead who Got Away with Sex Abuse of a Child

Detective Sergent Talks about the Hampstead Case

A New Interview I just Did 11/16/2015

Interview with the Mother of the Hampstead Children

Speech that Charlie Chaplain Gave That Stands True Today

My name is Michael Aquino, and I think it’s kind of fun to do the impossible; Ask Me Anything.

Info on the Cover-Up in Hampstead

Hampstead Info and Timeline Sent to Me By A Concerned Party

And So The Personal Attacks Ensue Online

Amazing Website Concerning the Hampstead Case From An On the Ground Investigator Who Has Been Involved From the Beginning

Govt Conveniently Deleted Entire Database of Evidence Documenting Pedophile Rings

New Interview with Ella Gareeva, Abraham Christi, (The Hampstead Mother and Her Partner), and David Shurter

An Example of the Games People Are Playing On Facebook Concerning the Hampstead Case

A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor – UK Column News 25th November 2015

News Report: UK State Protecting Establishment Paedophiles, March 16, 2015

Examples of an ONGOING Cover-Up Concerning Child Sex Trafficking

Video Sent to Me Dealing with Child Trafficking in Hampstead

A Warning to All Who Love and Promote the Darkness

Regarding the Internet Site “Hoaxtead”

New Interview with Fiona Barnett and David Shurter

2nd Interview with Fiona Barnett and David Shurter on Cancel the Cabal

New Interview with David Shurter on the Opperman Report

The Games People Play Concerning the Cult with Regards to the Hampstead Case.

An Amusing Article on Hoaxtead About Me

Ella and Abe and Some of Their BS Against Me

These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

Today’s Backlash from Posting This Mornings Homophobic Pro Hitler Argument from the Hampstead Supporters Mafia

The Games Hoaxstead Plays…

In Regards to this Argument that My Anger is Unjustified or that I am Thriving on Negativity

Evidence that Hoaxtead is Working with Abe Christie

New Year’s Declarations

With Regards to the Allegations that I, David Shurter, or Fiona Barnett- Are Disinfo Agents With Concerns about Our Work Concerning an Elite Luciferian Child Trafficking Cult

A Facebook Post Dealing with Those Claiming Fiona Barnett and I, David Shurter, Are Disinfo Agents


Just What is it About This “Dearman does Hampstead” Website

The Games Being Played Concerning the Hampstead Case- A Detailed Explanation

Clinton and Donald Trump with Regards to Convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffery Epstein

Alan Alanson Just Clued Me In that the Distinguishing Marks and Tattoos with Concern Regarding the Hampstead Child Abuse Case Aren’t Real

More Distractions Concerning the Hampstead Case

Ella Gareeva and Her Involvement with the Cult in Hampstead London

The Hampstead Children Were Talking about Their Abuse BEFORE Abe Christie Came Along and Put Them on YouTube

New Interview with Fiona Barnett and David Shurter on Stephen Robert’s Show Cancel the Cabal 1/6/16

The Case of Hollie Greig that the Hampstead Case is Desperately Being Used to Distract From

The Biggest Difference between the Hampstead Ritual Child Abuse Case in the UK, and the Hollie Greig Ritual Child Abuse Case In the UK, IS that People Aren’t All Ending Up Dead or In Jail

Reading the Comments on This Morning


Proof the Hollie Greig Case is Yet ANOTHER Child Abuse Cover-Up in the UK

The Evidence that The Hoaxtead People- and Those Connected to the Hampstead Case, Are Stalking Me to Try an Quiet Me

Many Thanks To My “Deceased” Friend Larry Freeman

Justice James Wood in Australia Presided over the Royal Commission into his own VIP Pedophile Network

Today’s Conversation 1/11/2016 with Government Paid Trolls…

New Conversations on YouTube 1/12/2016

Australia’s SECOND Royal Commission Regarding Extreme Child Abuse Issues Involved- Once Again- In a Cover-Up- Just like the First Time

The Opposition is so Obsessed with Me and With What I Am Doing that They Have Made Two Videos of Me Just This Last Week Alone

The Ongoing Drama Playing Out on YouTube to Discredit Me

The Question if Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Is Watching My Blog Is Now Answered

After Receiving an Email from Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves- This Was Posted Immediately After My Last Email Exchange

But A Large, Organized, and Well-Funded Pedophile Trafficking Ring Doesn’t Exist…

So Did Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Pay Taxes on Their Campaign to Build Their Devil Statue?

A Timeline Concerning Fiona Barnett- Myself, David Shurter- and All the Rest Who Want to Claim THEY Are the Ones


Why I Have No Reason to Fear

Fiona Barnett and I Are Being Accused of Blackmail and Sending out Death Threats

Regarding The Claim That Fiona Barnett and I Are Government Agents

Dealing With the Claims that I am Crazy and a Liar

Sheva Burton Working With Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves (Who Has CIA Connections) to Constantly Attack Me on Twitter

Regarding the Claims that I Am a Stalker

The Evidence that There is a Growing Attempt to Normalize Pedophilia

How Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Are Treated Globally- the Case of Dean Henry in Australia

Australian Victim Fiona Barnett’s New Documentary

My New Interview on the Richie Allen Show

The Strange Death of Survivor Lori Sears King aka Shadow- One of the Founders of Ivory Garden

An Urgent Message to Victims of this Global Elite Pedophile Group

With Regards To Murdering Children…Best to Begin Looking in Your Own Direction

Concerning the Darkness for Everyone…

Anton Scalia is Just the Beginning

Regarding the US Camps and the End Times…

Breaking News About Anton Scalia

The Truth About Scalia’s Murder- and Yes- He Was Murdered

Scalia Sleeps With the Fishes

Concerning the Ranch Anton Scalia Was Murdered At

The Truth About the End Times….

There Isn’t A “Witch Hunt” Happening Just Because Society is Focused on Child Killing Pedophiles

Fiona Barnett and I Are Validated by the Washington Post

What American’s Should Be Concerned with Is NOT Socialism- but Feudalism

Just So People Know- I Don’t Have One Drop of Jewish Blood in My Veins

Reporters Who Investigate MKUltra are Ending Up Murdered and Other Issues in the World

Voting Donald Trump? Well Obama is Gay So I Guess a Pedophile Should Be Next

Now That the Catholic Church Has Fallen- What is Next?

My Interview on 3/9/2016 on the Ochelli Effect

A Word About this Concept of “White Privilege”

Actually, the Internet is a Great Place for Victims but You Just Have to be Smart About It

Something to Consider in these End Times…

Regarding Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonnaci, and the Hoaxstead WordPress Website

Clarification on My Personal Experiences With the Omaha NE Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring

Seemingly More Games from the Pedophile Protection Squad

A “Veiled” Threat Sent to Me This Easter

Till It Happens To You- Lady Gaga’s 2016 Oscar’s Performance

A Reply to the Death Threat I Recieved on Easter 2016

Forget Hampstead in the UK- Let’s Talk About Shirley Oaks

A Perfect Example of How Government Internet Trolls Are Using Psychological Tactics to Influence You

Perhaps The BEST Interview I Have Ever Had- SpingolaSpeaks- April 1st 2016

Hoaxstead Research is Working DIRECTLY with Angela Power Disney

Questions and Answers with David Shurter

Sabine McNeil is ANOTHER Hoaxstead Operative

A Remark About My Last Article About Sabine McNeil and Hoaxstead

Concerning This Irrational Fear of “Being Programmed”

A Message for All of My Luciferian Bitches

THIS IS A MUST READ: Government Agents Infiltrate Survivor Forums and Online Groups- Written By Felicity Lee, MA

Hoaxstead Research is a Perfect Example of Those Felicity Lee Spoke of In Her Last Article

NEW Documentary: David’s Story – The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

The Hasert Scandal: What the Media Isn’t Telling You

Hoaxstead Research May Have Changed Their “Toon” but They Are Still Singing the Same Old Tired Song

Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose- Is Going All Over the Internet Trying to Trash Me

Funny- for There Not Being a Cover-up Concerning VIP Pedophiles, There Sure Are A Lot of People Looking Into It

New Paranoia Magazine Article: Lucien Greaves and this Satanic Movement Fraud- A Case of Extraordinary Deception

The UK Has Totally Disassociated From Reality

The Amusing Butt-Munching at Hoaxtead Research

Michigan Governer Rick Snyder and His Human Trafficking Record- The Case of Abbie and Alexis Odonnell

How The Michigan Case of Alexis and Abbie Odonnell Proves that Predators Are Already Watching Your Children

Letter to Michigan Governor Rick Synder Concerning the Odonnell Twins Human Rights Violations

Even the Accused in Hamstead Believe Is Being Run By Satanists…

May 14, 2016 My New Interview with Ed Opperman on the Opperman Report

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Human Rights Violation of the 15 Yr Old Odonnell Girls and and Update on The Case: Their Facebook Page Has Been Taken Down

This Was Me At the Height of Me Being Forced to Kill Little Boys

An Imperative Read: A Message about Heaven

The Issue isn’t Transsexuals in the Bathroom- It is that Rich Pedophiles are Raping Your Children- and Have Been for a LONG TIME NOW

“Feel The Bern” Has Become a Movement that Transcends Bernie Sanders

The Agenda We Are Fighting Isn’t Gay or Transsexual- It is a Luciferian Based Pedophile Agenda

Getting Down to Brass Tacks- Just So There is No Question

Love Wasn’t a Suggestion- It Was a Commandment

A Facebook Exchange with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple Founder Lucien Greaves and Myself Talking about His Connections with Sex Offenders

If I am Any Indication, It is No Wonder Why More Survivors Don’t Come Forward

Omaha Media Fails To Mention That There Was Another Fire In the Old Market

Some Unknown Facts about the Abductions of Ricky Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, and Johnny Gosch

The CIA Run Organization the Satanic Temple Publishes An Article About One of Their Own Survivor Conferences and My Explanation about the Tinfoil

A New Charles Manson in the Making

If You Are a Parent- Or Know Someone Who Is- YOU MUST READ THIS!

My New Interview with Evelyn Pringle on Focus on the Facts

A MAJOR Development in the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case

Google Locked Me Out an Hour and a Half After I Published My Last Article on Jacob Wetterling

I Have Had Constant Attacks on My Blog Since I Exposed What is Happening with the Jacob Wetterling Abduction

Let Me State- For the Record
Someone or Some Group Has Been in My House

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Satanic Panic


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