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The New Argument Against Me

This was left on a comment on Facebook and I wanted to share it… “Stay away from the exposed. The people that have actually lived it all do not usually set up expose websites seriously it destroys cedibility. We open closed closed and secret groups where great care is taken about who is there. We […]

My Perspective in All of This Pedophile Devil Worship Crap…

You all need to understand- for me this has ALWAYS been an epic spiritual battle as it couldn’t have been any other way- considering that I was made into the anti-Christ and it was a job I SO DID NOT WANT. So when you wonder about my spiritual stuff- just realize- what I am able […]

Some More of My Facebook Posts- Pizzagate, Child Trafficking, and the Like…

What I would personally like is if people who take up Pizzagate would ALSO take up Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile high club- the ranch that Scalia was murdered at- the Bohemian grove- AND the REAL Jeffery Epstein story that includes BOTH Bill Clinton and Donald Trump- and not just the facts that make them comfortable. […]

PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant by The Millennium Report

I am not the ONLY one who is saying that there are HUGE issues with this case… PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant This Is The Most Important Video On The Internet Today SOS: Alt Media Under Serious Threat By PIZZAGATE False Flag! The Millennium Report The […]

The Psych Ops of Pizzagate and the Hampstead case in the UK- Why They Are Being Connected Together

Our governments are DESPERATELY trying to link “pizzagate” and the case in the UK called the Hampstead case for the simple reason that BOTH CASES are a psych ops operation. They are attempting to do the SAME thing that they did in the 80’s with McMartin preschool, after which- ANY AND ALL action concerning ANY […]

This is How I Know Juliane Assange is Dead

This is how I know that Assange is dead. The day that picture came out with him with his hand over his heart- my sister had called me hysterical- demanding that I get on my computer immediately and try to pull up a link. I did- and it didn’t come up- and so I asked […]

Arguing Against the Pedophile Rights Movement

Oh- and just so all of you know- this was a posted comment just left on Hoaxtead… Remember what I said about once “pizzagate” is discredited- ALL of Wikileaks will be? anon November 27, 2016 at 2:50 pm Bob, as Justin Sanity says above, we really do not know anything that is verifiable for certain. […]

Some Facebook Rants: Where We Are Today…

I find it interesting how they have most of us convinced that it is Hillary supporters vs. Trump supporters- ESP. considering that 50% of the population refused to vote. This election rated right up there with I have one plate of fully formed dog shit- and another plate of diarrhea- which one are you going […]

HoaxteadResearch Comes Clean About “Pizzagate” Being Psych Ops

So when “pizzagate” comes out as false- AND IT IS GOING TO- then ALL child trafficking will be false. This is a psych ops operation- with them trying to make these allegations go away. The govt run website is NOW SHOWING THE TRUTH OF THIS. And when it comes out as false- they will […]

Hoaxtead and Their Ally Angela Power-Disney Get it WRONG AGAIN…

ummmmm- actually I have been saying OVER AND OVER that this is a psych op operation..