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So Being Gay is a Choice- But Pedophiles Just Can’t Help Themselves…

Sent to me this morning… David Shurter about 10 international newspapers and about 5 medical/psychiatric journals recently published articles on pederasty and pedophilia as being innate normal sexual responses that are part of the human sexuality spectrum. I believe the sexual abuse of children by high profiled adults is so great these measures are being […]

Is Devil Worship and A Mass Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring Real?

Corey Haim, the Oakland 4, the Memphis 3, Jerry Sandusky’s 2nd Mile High Childrens Fondation, Jeffery Epstein- Bill Clinton AND Donald Trump, the ranch Scalia was murdered at, the Bohemian Grove- McMartin, Franklin Credit, and Dr. Tom Philpott- not to forget ” satanic panic” and “false memories”. And this is just a small amount of […]

If You Are Wondering if This Podesta Bullshit Is Being Promoted by Our Government…

So if you think that this whole Podesta thing isn’t being promoted by our government- may I suggest you read the conversation I had with them on their Facebook page this morning… It was all after I posted this this morning…. Notice how EVERYONE is talking about these Podesta emails- this pizzagate bullshit- but NO […]

The Podesta “Pizzagate” Emails DID NOT Come from Wikileaks

They came off of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They did NOT come from Wikileaks. Stop confusing the two…

Starting the Movement: ALL CHILDREN MATTER- and Other Facebook Posts

I NEED SOME HELP I want to start organizing protests on the docks of our West Coast shores – DEFENDING CHILDREN. ALL CHILDREN. I want a voice- and I need help. Obviously. So lets brainstorm and come up with something. I want THIS PROTEST to DROWN OUT ALL THE OTHERS. ******************************** I am going to […]

My Opinion of the Podesta Emails, “Pizzagate”, and Cathy O’Brien

I have had a lot of questions posed with my stance on these Podesta emails and this whole ‘pizzagate” thang and so it is time that I just write out what I think. Flat out- I think that there is some truth in those emails- but it is inundated with so much bullshit that it […]

“Pizzagate”, Cathy O’brien, and the Gaslighting Concerning Devil Worship

So those who are going on and on about “pizzagate” and Cathy Obrien- when this all comes out as fake- and you realize that you are being gas lighted- will you all decide that child abuse and devil worship is fake to “save face”? Because that is what is coming. Killer clowns, Ebola, zika, etc. […]

End of This Weekends Facebook Posts…

I find that it is just easier to copy and paste what I have written- so that people can see what is going on with me… **************** I personally think that the rituals that these Podesta emails speak about are bullshit. They don’t make sense- and Luciferians don’t paint blood on their walls. Do you […]

11/20/2016 More of My Facebook Posts…

You want some history? Okay- what we are facing is based on ancient Gnostic Jewish stuff. Not being anti Semitic- just speaking the truth. While all of you were all thinking that we sinned- there were these Gnostic Jews who believed that the serpent was actually our LIBERATOR- OUR HERO. And they practiced witchcraft. There […]

According to HoaxteadResearch- Now 60 Minutes are Liars

60 Minutes of Shite? SO- according to Hoaxtead Research, now 60 Minutes is lying. Of course- ANYONE who goes against their agenda is a liar. But you only have to watch the PIE guy who says that complimenting a FOUR YEAR OLD on her knickers and her LIKING the compliment is her acceptance of sex to […]