My Opinion of the Podesta Emails, “Pizzagate”, and Cathy O’Brien

I have had a lot of questions posed with my stance on these Podesta emails and this whole ‘pizzagate” thang and so it is time that I just write out what I think.

Flat out- I think that there is some truth in those emails- but it is inundated with so much bullshit that it is impossible for anyone who isn’t in the “know” to know what is real and what isn’t. It isn’t just that this idea that they are painting Luciferian symbols of blood on their walls is ludicrous- but it is ALSO that this group DOES NOT talk in code- they absolutely DO NOT leave a paper trail- and the thought that this group- who has had hidden the truth of all of this SO WELL and for SO LONG- would fuck up in such a way borders on the truly absurd. Actually- it CROSSES that border and has actually taken up shop in la la land in my opinion.

I mean, are you fucking kidding me?

Yes- there is ABSOLUTELY a pedophile devil loving group who have been MASS TRAFFICKING children for a long, long, LONG ass time now- esp. when you see what happened GLOBALLY in the 80s concerning this whole mess- but these emails are nothing more than the American version of trying to desperately hide this mess as they have done CONSISTENTLY in the past. Everyone is talking about these emails- I mean, let’s be honest- they have taken the place of killer clowns, ebola, the Zika virus- and all of the OTHER stupid shit that they have tossed at us as a distraction- but when these emails come out as fake- they are going to use that to say that ALL OF IT is fake- and that there ARE NO devil worshipers- and there is NO organized child trafficking ring making GAZILLIONS of dollars selling the populations children- which they are just TAKING.

And afterwards- the Bohemian Grove and the ranch that Scalia was murdered at and Jeffery Epstein’s pedophile child rape island and Jerry Sandusky’s child foundation with its allegations of child rape and trafficking will ALL be considered fake. Just like what happened in the 80’s after McMartin pre-school- when they all made these same allegations disappear in the same manner.

It is the SAME game- just a little different. But it is still being played with the SAME desired outcome. And everyone is just buying into it but the question is- when they come out as fake- what will they do then?

There IS truth in these emails- but now what is happening is that “survivor” Cathy O’Brien is being promoted to talk about her allegations about Hillary Clinton raping her. This is a planned contingency and is ALSO being manipulated and used to try and quash this- although if I were O’Brien- I would play my hand carefully- esp. considering that the Clinton’s like to KILL their threats as well as their friends.

Of course- my question is- how is it that Cathy O’Brien has been able to go completely unscathed by these people as an advocate? And AS an advocate- who has been in the field at a very coincidental time- like just a little before the beginning of the crack down in the 80’s- why is it that she has never mentioned the Oakland 4 ritual child murder case in Michigan- esp. considering that it is her home state?

Now I have people arguing that she just didn’t know about it- but if you were such an advocate- and I actually have been for quite some time now- there is no way she WOULDN’T have heard of this case. I mean- I am just a nobody from Nebraska and STILL I am WELL AWARE of this case- so why isn’t she?

I mean- it happened in 1976-1977- so it isn’t like she hasn’t had enough time.

There are fail safes to try and contain this- O’Brien and these Podesta emails are part of those.

And NO WONDER Putin hates Obama. He KNOWS they are going to try and blame HIM for those emails- as it is already been said that they were hacked by Russia. So when they come out as fake- Obama is going to try and justify THEIR sick shit on Putin while calling Putin a LIAR- at the VERY SAME TIME.

The only problem with their plans- ALL of their plans- is that they can’t stop all of their nasty shit from coming out- and THAT is what people who are being baffled by all of this bullshit need to remember- because although much of what is in these emails is completely bogus- the fact remains- these allegations are FAR FROM NEW- and where there is smoke there is ALWAYS fire- so keep that in mind.

I mean- they were kind enough to send smoke signals to show where we should START LOOKING- and personally I think we all will be MORE THAN CAPABLE to take it from there…

And where our children are concerned- it is ABOUT DAMN TIME.

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