Starting the Movement: ALL CHILDREN MATTER- and Other Facebook Posts


I want to start organizing protests on the docks of our West Coast shores – DEFENDING CHILDREN. ALL CHILDREN. I want a voice- and I need help. Obviously. So lets brainstorm and come up with something. I want THIS PROTEST to DROWN OUT ALL THE OTHERS.


I am going to start a movement- Children Matter- or something of the sort- and it is going to be for ALL children- EVERY WHERE. The unborn AND those now alive. In the US- and in THE WORLD. ALL CHILDREN. Maybe that is what I should call it- ALL CHILDREN MATTER.

It is going to be run on the premise of what is the example you want to give to your children. NO STUPID SHIT ALLOWED. you want to go be a freak and get your freak on- there are plenty of other idiots out there to join. This movement is one of GRACE and MEANING.

This is coming people I assure you- this is most definitely coming.


We need to start protesting on the West Coast docks- in order to shut down shipping- but is ANYONE listening? No. Here is a solid solution to our problems but everyone is just running around- vilifying everyone else for doing the SAME EXACT THING YOU ARE ALL GUILTY FOR. Right now we are proving the Order right- because we are obviously just too stupid to live. THE DOCKS PEOPLE. Shut down shipping- and we will HAVE A VOICE. Or get your stupid asses run over. It isn’t like it isn’t like you are all competing for THE Darwin Award. (And this doesn’t go for ALL of you obviously- but those that it doesn’t- WILL SEE THE LOGIC IN WHAT I AM SAYING). THE DOCKS PEOPLE- WANT TO HAVE A VOICE- THEN I SUGGEST YOU GO WEST.


Our offshore-men on the West Coast have said that they won’t work if there is a police presence on our docks- so if you REALLY want to affect change- stop marching on the streets and start marching on the docks. Doing so will STOP shipping- and it will hurt our economy immediately. THAT- AND THAT ALONE- will get you a voice. Otherwise- you are going to be drowned out by your own stupidity…


You know it is funny- growing up with people telling me that I was the anti Christ- I was given physical characteristics to look for when I recognized my “adversary”- the resurrected Christ. I don’t remember much really- but the thing I never forgot is that I would know him because the hair on his chin was white. Only his chin. And it was too be solid white. I don’t know why that always stuck with me- but it did.

I am going to be 50 now in a few weeks, and it is funny- because when I look into the mirror- I see who was supposed to be my adversary- .as the only hair that is white is on my chin. All the rest is dark kinda reddish blonde- including on the rest of my face. And it isn’t age- my hair line is fine- it is just that the hair on my chin turned snow white in my early thirties- not grey but white- and only on my chin.

I just thought I would share this- and my amusement at how ironic life can be at times.

Love IS the way. And it will begin with the love that we have for our children…


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