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Our Govt’s DEW Weapon Attacking Me SUCKS- But In the End I Can Say I Lived a Life Worth Living

So who were the American’s they tested these weapons on? Or do you think they spent all that money to develop and produce these weapons- announce to Congress they had them and were going to test them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe- only to decide to shelve […]

Forcing People Into Camps Has ALWAYS Been the Nazi Way

Putting people in camps has historically been the Nazi way so we shouldn’t be surprised at what is happening on the border. And there is no doubt we are seeing a rise in fascism. The Neo Nazi rally planned in August across the street from the White House is a apt example of that. Putting […]

This Anger Hate and Fear is Part of Their Black Awakening- Don’t Buy Into It

This Evil We Are Seeing Was Prophesied and MUST Happen

All that has remained hidden will be brought out into the light…

Michael Aquino- You and Your Buddies ARE My Targeted Audience

In the End- when all is said and done- I don’t want you to be able to claim you weren’t warned…

People are Losing Hope Which is Why the CDC Reports Suicides are Up By 25%- Keep Your Faith

CNN Reports a Very Strange Call Between Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister

I soke about Col Michael Aquino’s compounds getting busted in BC Canada- the same places where they had their two huge Forrest fires… Now Trump is accusing Justin Trudeau and Canada for burning things up in the US- of course what he is speaking about was in 1812. Funny how this is happening right […]

There IS a Reason Why Our US Administration Now Views Canada as a Threat to National Security

Questions Regarding John Kilrush aka Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s Founder Lucien Greaves Latest Emails

1). Who paid for his own Facebook accounts attacking me? 2). Since NOTHING I have done has gone viral nor captured the attention of police, the FBI, nor the Dept of Justice – WHY would someone want to buy them? 3). Why is Mesner PREEMPTIVELY attacking me on cases I know nothing of and have […]