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Anonymous Explains the TPP Deal to Sell Out America to the Corporations

Pedophiles Deserve Civil Rights, Argues ‘NY Times’ Op-Ed

Dont worry- normalizing pedophilia just stems from moral panic. Of course- it seems to be the case in many places. There have been those who have argued with me that this couldn’t happen. Seems they are wrong… other articles…

This Big Push to Normalize and Make Child Abuse Acceptable in Europe

This woman is dictating law in Europe- blaming victims- calling them liars- and telling rape victims they are morally responsible for being raped. In my opinion- it is quite sickening- and just claiming that 100’s of people coming forward claiming abuse in the Saville case are all liars. Seems like the same old same old- […]

Found on Yahoo- Wow We are in Deep Shit

US Senator: Go to an ATM…draw out everything This explains why everything is going down in America right now. The credit system is collapsing- and we are in deep deep shit.

Basically the Rule of America is You Are Either for Us or Against Us- and If You are Against Us- You Deserve to Die

So this basically means if you are a journalist- and we don’t like what you are reporting- then we have the right to murder you. I guess there is no better way to keep the truth of our actions from coming out.

While American’s Were Focused on Gay Marriage and the Confederate Flag… Now we are all gonna know what it is like to get fucked up the butt- and I doubt any of us are gonna get a kiss in the process.

Repent- For the End is Upon Us

“Don’t tell the Gods I left a mess; I can’t undo what has been done. Let’s run for cover. What if I’m the only hero left, You’d better fire off your gun; Once and forever. He said go dry your eyes and live your life like there is no tomorrow, son, And tell the others. […]

Why America Has So Many Problems With Our Police Force

The questions are WHY and WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS, because it certainly IS NOT the people.

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