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The Day Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen of Papillion NE Tried to Help Me Commit Suicide

I am actually working on my next book and this is a chapter that I am putting in. I am writing the book as fiction, but have no doubt that this story is completely true. A year ago last November- my now ex husband Michael Bernard sent me to Seattle to see if I could […]

Taking Some Heat on Facebook About My Opinion About Pious, Self Righteous Christians- Using My Stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her daughter Christina Marie Blumpkin as Examples of Why I Think Christian Self Righteousness is Not Worth the Air Used to Promote It

I guess I am a bit jaded as the fact is that people like my father and stepmother- Joanne C. Shurter- were the loudest when it came to public discourse about God and Christianity but the fact remains that they were abducting, raping, selling, and murdering other people’s children. I just find that the most […]

“God’s” Training Camp

Before I was born, my parents sold me to the American government to be a subject in the MKUltra program. Originating from Project Paperclip, when our government brought Nazi scientists from Germany to the United States in 1946, the MKUltra project was a continuation of what happened in the concentration camps during World War II; […]

Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, constitutional lawyer, commentator, and author of three New York Times best-selling books on politics and law, has been working with NBC News in publishing a series of articles on how covert government agents infiltrate the Internet to “manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.” The information is based on documents leaked by […]

My Philosophy on Life After Being MKUltra Trained and Satanist Raised

Due to my background, being raised both in the MKUltra project, or an off shoot thereof, and in a satanic cult, I admit that my belief system is a bit complex so I ask that you bear with me. It has been said that I have a strong “new age” philosophy that is unhealthy, but […]

Helping the Fallen back to Heaven Was In No Way Against God

The reason why so much money and time has been spent by our government on projects like MKUltra is that, quite simply, what they have been studying works. Energy manipulation has been incredibly effective, and the psychic abilities that they have encouraged through the generations have been very real. Building “psychic warriors” has been a […]

As An MKUltra Survivor- A Response to the Satanists To Those Who I Grew Up With and To Those I Have Never Met

In my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, I speak about becoming possessed by a demon by the name of Uriel who inhabited my father up to his death, at which point he came and sought me out. I detail our conversation- what he offered and what I asked of him, and […]

The Psychic Part of My MKUltra Training

Psychic ability was a huge part of my MKUltra training and it has been my experience that this is the least spoken part of the abuse that I and others suffered. It was actually this side of my training that drove me into therapy 14 years ago and I believe that embracing this has been […]