The Day Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen of Papillion NE Tried to Help Me Commit Suicide

I am actually working on my next book and this is a chapter that I am putting in. I am writing the book as fiction, but have no doubt that this story is completely true.

A year ago last November- my now ex husband Michael Bernard sent me to Seattle to see if I could find a second property for us. Little did I know at the time that this was a ruse for him to break up with me- as he was seeing a new guy by the name of Adam. He waited for me to get out to Seattle and then broke up with me over the phone- cutting off all contact with me in the process. Claiming that he had been miserable for 8 of the 20 years we were together, the truth was that he was basically fucking his new guy and wanted to get me out of the picture.

I flew back immediately- which Michael so graciously paid for- but he refuse to talk to me or see me. Pretty much out of sight out of mind I guess. To say that I was completely devastated was an understatement, and it was Tracy that picked me up at the airport when I got back to Omaha.

After staying at the house for two weeks stranded without a car- and having no contact with Michael- I decided to take a bottle of Xanex that I had. Downing 70 of them with a couple of beers- I was desperately trying to stop the pain which I felt. Somehow or other- my older sister Kathy got ahold of Michael- not being able to get a hold of me- and he sent Tracy to my house to see what was up.

Realizing that I was attempting suicide- and being schooled as a nurse, Tracy Rooker Kristensen decided that she would not bother calling an ambulance, but rather decided to take me to my bank instead and get me to withdraw three hundred dollars out of my account. Working with Michael over the phone, Michael then called my sister back and reported that I was “drunk as a skunk” and that it was best that my sister just let me sleep it off. Helping me into bed after we returned from the bank- the last thing Tracy said to me was “good bye David” as she shut my bedroom door and left.

Obviously this suicide attempt didn’t succeed- and I was grateful for that eventually- but I had absolutely no recollection of Tracy taking me to the bank. In fact- I ended up accusing someone else to stealing my money- and it was only after I called my bank and asked for them to pull the video that I learned that it had been Tracy who had taken me to the bank. Watching videos of Tracy pulling into my bank parking lot and me getting out and going into the bank- it was obvious to both me and the the bank employee that something was wrong with me, as I was completely out of it. I was SO out of it that when I got out of the bank- I tried to get into the car of someone else and Tracy had to retrieve me and get me into her car.

Now Tracy is training as a nurse- and she is Michael Bernard’s best friend. They drink together- do drugs together- and it was, I believe, their hope that I would end up dying that night so that Michael wouldn’t have to deal with the divorce that came after. They conspired together to help me kill myself.

I just had to write this for posterity- so that I could get it straight in my head as I write this out. Tracy also convinced Michael that I had no grounds for a divorce- and basically helped herself to whatever was mine after I returned to Seattle a month later. All the while Michael was with his new butt buddy- but funny enough- a year later Adam dumped Michael. Probably cause he got a small taste of what I had endured with the sociopathic narcissist for twenty years.

I am grateful that I didn’t die that day- no thanks to Tracy Ann Rooker Kristensen, who lives in Papillion Nebraska now with her husband Clay in their rented out house on Park View Blvd. I am also glad to be away from her and Michael- and also am glad that she was wrong about me not being able to file for a divorce. To say that she is typically full of it is an understatement. Although I am writing my second book as fiction- I just felt that this should be out there so that people- if they google her name- can become aware of what a psycho this bitch really is. I mean- that is the whole reason why TDAmeritrade- where Michael and Tracy met- got rid of her. But beware of the barracuda. She is cunning, and can be deadly if given the chance. As Michael Bernard’s best friend- it says something about him as well.

Here is a picture of her and I together- selling my book down in an area of Omaha called the Old Market.


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