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Ellie Fields on Dissociation and EMDR

Film Sent to Me that Details Me in It

Peter is brilliant- and I concur with everything he says. My experiences were earlier- but the result was the same.

Jean Stothert said the Citizen Complaint Review Board will review complaints against sworn officers filed by citizens

We will see how well this works.

Same Ole Same Ole One Of Six Omaha Cops Fired For Excessive Force, Illegal Search And Seizure Is Already Back In Uniform As we covered very recently, the city of Omaha is being sued by the ACLU on behalf of a family whose house was raided by 20+ cops (sans warrant) in order to seize cellphone footage taken of their arrest tactics (read: excessive force) deployed to detain someone asking questions about a vehicle being towed. […]

The General Attitude of Doug Mesner aka Gordon the Anon?, and His Pedophile Protection Squad Crew

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 17, 2013 5:27:26 PM PST Gordon_bydand says: He put people’s addresses up, he stalked a woman across state lines, he had a restraining order filed against him by his step-mother, he likes to make threats about “investigating” anyone who makes pertinent criticism, he accuses them of being […]

And They Say It Doesn’t Happen Here…

Human Trafficking happens in America- and the Superbowl is one of the biggest culprits of this practice. Looking the other way- we chose our entertainment value over human dignity and lives. This needs to stop in my opinion.

My Comment for the Huff Post Article…

David Shurter (DavidShurter) 11 Fans I find it interesting that the False memory people rarely bring up things such as Temple of Set- which is run by a former member of our elite govt by the name of Michael Aquino. This man was not only named as one of the culprits in the McMartin case- […]

A New Con By the False Memory False Pedophile Protection Squad on the Huffington Post

Basically- the new article on the Huffington Post entitled “Sex and Satanic Abuse: A Fad Revisited” by Allen Frances is nothing but a persuasive piece trying to convince people that child abuse never happens- that those parents who who report it are “mentally unbalanced parents harboring weird imaginings or an ax to grind, or both.” […]

For a Good Read About Doug Mesner aka Lucian Greaves “The Satanic Wanna-Be Cult, For those who do not remember the past The Satanic Could Be Cult, and condemned to repeat it The Satanic Temple: religion: a master and slave relationship” And just for those of you who have forgotten who Mesner/Misicko/Lucian Greaves is- a picture to remind us all.

The Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is Free for 5 Days

From January 24th-28th – the kindle version of my book Rabbit Hole will be offered FOR FREE.  Check it out!