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A New Year for Ivory Garden- The Largest Survivor’s Forum Online

Ivory Garden website is

TIME Writes About Why Rape and Trauma Survivors Have Fragmented and Incomplete Memories There are a group of people- generally Elizabeth Loftus fans- who swear that memories are never surpressed but REAL science tells us something much different. Trauma effects the brain in different ways- and it is obvious by the research that our brains work much differently when under extreme stress. When we are relaxed- we […]

David Shurter Stalked By Amazon Trolls- Life And Times of David Shurter

Facts 1. David Shurter wrote the book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” which details the events surrounding a failed savings and loan named Franklin Credit Union. 2. David Shurter is a member in good standing at Ivory Garden and has been helping with the yearly conferences on Trauma and Dissociation. 3. […]

Conversations After the Pedophile Lobby Sought Me Out to Engage Me One More Time

Last edited by the author 21 minutes ago Gordon_bydand says: “I am not into multiple conspiracy theories- all I talk about is Franklin” “SRA”, MKUltra, that time you insisted that everyone was a CIA assassin secretly working at Amazon monitoring you… this is stupid. I believe- since the False Memory Foundation headquarters are in Seattle […]