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A Tribute to 3 of My Fallen Comrades: Max Spiers, Lori King, and Issac Kappy. Your Murders Matter

The Movie “Sound of Freedom” is Just “Satanic Panic”All Over Again-Some Truth Mixed With A LOT of BS

Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

No Matter How I’ve Tried I Have Never Succeeded inExposing My Family’s Crimes With Child Trafficking

The Reason Why Your Group Hasn’t Been Able to Set Me Up As aPedophile is Because I’m Not a Pedophile

And just so we are clear I ALWAYS keep my local “law” enforcement abreast of things… An Addendum to My Video About the Fact that I Am Not a Pedophile ….

Yet Another Turn of the Screw-

It’s 2 30 am

To Whoever Hurt My Dogs Yesterday

To Whoever Hurt My Dogs Yesterday

Free Will- What Prevents You From Becoming Something You Don’t Want to Be

The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ

It Has Been A Rough Road to Tow Trying to Expose My Family’s Involvement in Child Trafficking