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I Believe ThomasSchoenberger is the Head of the Snake and He’s Working Hand in Hand with My Sheriff


It’s a Longer Video But I Want to Put Things Into Perspective About Me and What’s Happening

THEY Want to Make It All About ME but for ME It’s About Exposing Child Trafficking RIP Issac Kappy

Seth Rich Was Born and Raised in Omaha NE- Chances Are He Knew What All Came Out in the 80s There

And here is an eye witness account by a man who sitting right beside Troy Boner’s brother when HE was executed… Michael Brownell on and

The Movie “Sound of Freedom” is Just “Satanic Panic”All Over Again-Some Truth Mixed With A LOT of BS Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

1st Qanon Leader Outs Himself as a Pedophile, NOW Qanon Tries to Overthrow German Governmen

    <span;>Which of course is what the CIA is KNOWN for. <span;>But don’t believe what you see and hear- just believe what you are told. Ignorance is bliss as the say I suppose, although that has NEVER been my experience. Oh, and this… But she isn’t me, obviously. But trust me when I […]

My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen

Alisha Owen was a victim of Franklin Credit- who, like ALL victims, got surrounded, influenced, and screwed by very bad people. This video are my thoughts and reactions to what was said- and more importantly, what WASN’T said. My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen Here is her new interview with Nick Bryant. […]

All About that Gas Station Explosion It’s not like there isn’t stuff about the gas station they blew up to get at me out there. In the first video- you can see my white house across the street and a little bit down. The house in the KETV video with the blown out windows- my sister had JUST bought […]

Info for the Daily Beast Regarding the Child Trafficking Ring in Florida

  Timothy Holmseth- an investigative journalist from Minnesota- was investigating a ring that was operating in Florida in the same area Matt Gaetz is being investigated for being involved with. He started by investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction in Minnesota. An abduction I believe my father was involved with. I had gone on the John […]

The Same Child Trafficking Ring Matt Gaetz Is Being Investigated For is the Same Ring Timothy Holmseth Was Investigating

Timothy Holmseth was investigating the same child trafficking ring that Matt Gaetz is being investigated for. In Palm Springs. The one they took a protection order order out on Holmseth to shut him up. I’d ask Holmseth what he knows.