Info for the Daily Beast Regarding the Child Trafficking Ring in Florida


Timothy Holmseth- an investigative journalist from Minnesota- was investigating a ring that was operating in Florida in the same area Matt Gaetz is being investigated for being involved with.

He started by investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction in Minnesota. An abduction I believe my father was involved with.

I had gone on the John B. Wells program ” Caravan at Midnight” and spent the entire time speaking about the 27 yr old cold case.

Less than 2 weeks later- this “unsolvable” cold case was “solved” with a perp, a confession, and supposedly a body- although NO charges were brought forward, the perp- Danny Heinrich, was already in jail and Holmseth- in his investigation- claimed not only were the remains not Jacob’s- they weren’t even human.

And the abductor’s pics had changed. Not only did the new ones look like Heinrich- it appeared that he hadn’t aged at ALL in the 27 years this case remained cold.

Timothy Holmseth was quieted with a protection order taken out on him in Florida.

The SAME thing was done to me in Kent, WA.

The thing about mine- which you can easily access since protection orders are available to the public- is that the 15 videos listed had absolutely NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with someone who goes by the name Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple.

Neither are his real name. Doug Misicko is his real name- and he has spent his entire “career” attacking and shutting down abuse Survivors. That is when he isn’t building 100,000 dollar statues of Baphomet- or suing Netflix for an undisclosed amount for them portraying Baphomet in a bad light in their series “Sabrina”, or pulling out his privates for the media and putting them on the gravestone of the late Westboro Minister’s mother, etc.

Here are a couple links to show you my interactions with the dude… But you only have to type his name in the search engine on the right of my blog to see the myriad of arguments I’ve had with him.

I Spent All Day Sunday Fighting With Satanists All Day

He has also gone out of his way to try and discredit Holmseth.

He AND his myriad of followers.

Who he got to attack me.

Mesner’s Group of Satanists Collectively Attacking Me On A Saturday Night

He knew they would attack me after I said what I did. And he has always been obsessed in trying to shut me down.

There is more to this child trafficking bs than you probably realize.

And the reason why all of this is being overlooked by the Republican party regarding Gaetz is that, back in the 80s, when this stuff came out simultaneously in the US, the UK, and Australia, the media reported this mess went straight to the Reagan/Bush White House and that one large component of this is that they would set people up in compromising situations to have leaverage over them

Which is why Jeffery Epstein was so protected and ” suicides” in the end to prevent him from talking

But then you should ask William Barr about that and see if that could be why he secretly went to the jail Epstein was being held in 3 weeks before Epstein ended up dead.

Chances are ALL of this is connected in some way.

But this is a good place to begin.

Truth will Out in the End as they say.

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