Just So We’re Clear

First in Heaven, then on Earth.

Those of you watching me with evil intent, (and you know who you are), in order to rectify what’s happening now- you’d have to change what’s happened in Heaven first.

You haven’t obsessively stalked me for years, all the while trashing me to anyone and everyone you can, because you believe me to be crazy nor a liar- but because of the simple fact that I am telling the truth, and you knows this to be truth better than most.

So here is some truth for you- and it’s the Only truth.

The Darkness is here for you all and you’re not going to enjoy it’s embrace.

And the best part is that there ain’t SHIT ANY of you can do about it.

Actually- that isn’t exactly true. To do what I was trained to do, as I’ve said before- I had to offer up a sacrifice.


And I had to get you all to do the dirty deed.

This was enacted WAY before I ever started speaking out, before I wrote my book, and started my blog. Before I made you turn your focus on me.

And you have performed magnificently. In fact, when all has been put into place, just remember I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you.


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