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The Police Are Seeking Information on the Murder of Lori King aka Shadow- a Founder of Ivory Garden

Lori King, one of the founders of the survivor group Ivory Garden, commonly known as Shadow, was murdered by a transvestite who calls himself Menagerie, who also goes by the name Critthink- who police NOW know gave them the fake name of Amber- and they are looking for people who know anything about this case […]

The REALITY of “Satanic Panic”

So, in the early 90’s, the CIA group “the false memory syndrome foundation” was formed to deal with the myriad of allegations coming forth that children were being horribly abused in their daycares. Each member of this group were rich WHITE parents who have been accused by their own children of committing these EXACT crimes […]

Someone or Some Group Has Been in My House

Yesterday I discovered that someone has riffled through my desk and every piece of financial information is missing, both from my desk and my file cabinet. I don’t have a clue what else they took. It wasn’t if they “robbed” me per say but still, they seem to have taken what they want. It is […]

The Smiley Face Killers Documentary

Young men in the Midwest MUST be aware. Drowning me- then reviving me- was KEY in my abuse. *****UPDATE****** William Ramsey- a FOREMOST expert on this, has just informed me this documentary is a FAKE. And told me to read the comments below the video, which I didn’t do. For those who wish to know […]

Let Me State- For the Record

I AM IN NO WAY SUICIDAL NOR AM I EVEN DEPRESSED. In fact- although I am broke-my life is BETTER now than it has EVER BEEN. Things are going well. Streeful but good. So if anything SHOULD happen to me- I did NOT do anything to myself. I am in this fight to the end- […]

I Have Had Constant Attacks on My Blog Since I Exposed What is Happening with the Jacob Wetterling Abduction

Actually, someone from Redmond, WA has been using the IP address to constantly try to gain access to my blog. This morning alone they tried 50+ times in a minute and a half. After they were blocked, they switched to the IP address and tried repeatedly again- still from Redmond, WA. Someone in […]

Google Locked Me Out an Hour and a Half After I Published My Last Article on Jacob Wetterling

So an hour and a half after I sent out my article about Jacob Wetterling and my family the other day- suddenly I can no longer get on my Google account. Now that we are learning that Google and YouTube helped Hillary Clinton pull off her Benghazi BS, it is pretty obvious to me that […]

A MAJOR Development in the Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case

I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what I am about to write- as I do not want to put the innocents that have been caught up in this in a bad position, but the truth is- I would be a complete fucking idiot to trust the law officials that have been […]

My New Interview with Evelyn Pringle on Focus on the Facts

If You Are a Parent- Or Know Someone Who Is- YOU MUST READ THIS!

This was posted on Facebook- and I asked to share this under anonymity because I felt that this was important to deal with- as THIS IS HOW THEY ARE TAKING YOUR KIDS… “Ok, 2 Male Social Workers have just been and said they were here to remove my child, I asked under what order, they […]