Someone or Some Group Has Been in My House

Yesterday I discovered that someone has riffled through my desk and every piece of financial information is missing, both from my desk and my file cabinet.

I don’t have a clue what else they took. It wasn’t if they “robbed” me per say but still, they seem to have taken what they want.

It is funny, because they are so disillusioned in believing it is me they are up against but this is not true.

They believe the only thing real is THEIR power, but this is FAR from the truth.

What they are up against is a solid group of principalities, and something they will NEVER triumph over.

In fact, the truth is that they have already lost- and lost BIG TIME.

However, I just wanted tp put it out there, so that people know what is happening.

My adversaries will say I am crazy and that this doesn’t happen, but if you actually believe those fighting to quiet me are trustworthy or incapable of guile, you live in a MUCH different world than the rest of us.

And again, this has all been a result of my being on the verge of solving the Jacob Wetterling abduction.

This is also directly connected to the 100+ hack attempts that are occurring on my blog DAILY.

Funny, for claiming that I am so crazy, there certainly is a great deal of time and effort being spent trying to shut me down.

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