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My New OFFICIAL Campaign- Stop the Child Trafficking Pedophile Agenda “There is an OBVIOUS pedophile agenda being run right now in America. What with them teaching kindergartners about masturbation, fourth graders about anal sex, and six graders how to use a strap on dildo- it seems it has infiltrated and taken over our schools. Now with California legalizing child “prostitutes”- although let’s call them […]

Obama and the UN Moments Away from Controlling the Internet OF COURSE they want control- because with the internet- none of them can keep all of their crazy shit secret. The internet has awakened the people- and there is ABSOLUTELY NO GOING BACK NOW. One of “them” just said it is easier to kill a million people than control them- well- there are WAY […]

Concerning California Legalizing Child Prostitution

They WERE NEVER REALLY PROSTITUTES- so let us call them by what they REALLY are- CHILD TRAFFICATED VICTIMS. This is just the BEGINNING folks because the group of pedophiles are about to be busted for all of their sick and abhorent shit so now they are REWRITING LAWS TO TRY AND SAVE THEIR ASSES. Wake […]

California LEGALIZES Child Prostitution

So California has now just legalized child prostitution, and no one seems to make the connect that MAYBE this is due to the fact that they are about to be ROCKED by their sick ass system of raping children. Now they are using the law to make things SMOOTHER for themselves but, although this certainly […]

TradCatKnight Radio Interviews David Shurter

You probably should listen to this as it is pretty good. It is 1 hour and 30 minutes long, no commercials, and it has A LOT of information in it. I think it will give you all alot to think about.

Corey Haim, the National Enquirer, and David Shurter “Brascia did an interview with the National Enquirer in August of 2015, and he claimed to name the person who raped Haim. Harrison says the National Enquirer knew that Brascia was lying but helped cover up his alleged involvement.” I personally have been in contact with a journalist with the National Enquirer by the […]

Spence Everson on and MKUltra Programs and Their Toys: What They Are-What They Do

This was my third interview for on and was actually the HARDEST and most frustrating one I have done tp date. Not because of the subject matter- nor because of the guest- but because of the tech attacks we experienced during it. This interview started on Sunday- but 1/2 way through Skype shut […]

A Clarification As To Whom “Mike” Was From Mark Grinshpun Concerning His Article on Noreen Gosch

I asked for clarification- and I would like to post what he sent me… “It was information that Noreen claims her private investigator got by going door to door in a 5 block radius. Mike was a boy who was looking out his upstairs bedroom window and saw a blue van waiting, then saw a […]

Pointing Out the Obvious AGAIN…


NOREEN GOSCH: The Deceiver, the Liar, and the Gatekeeper

Written by Mark Grinshpun Approximately two years ago I discovered a name while reading a list entitled “The 5 most Mysterious Missing Persons”. Number two on this list really grabbed me and all of my attention, which was the name was Johnny Gosch. Now most everyone who knows the name Johnny Gosch also knows of […]