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The Reason Why the Government Run Website HoaxteadResearch is Bitching About Sandy Hook lawsuit-filed-against-msm-for-staging-sandy-hook- Which is why they are so up in arms- comparing Sandy Hook with Hampstead. Not to mention they are trying to assert that pot is behind human trafficking ( which is totally stupid). Heroin, opium, etc etc but THESE people think that legalizing pot will increase child trafficking. So human traffickers aren’t responsible, […]

I Would Like To Correct an Error I Made

So this NBC thing about microwave weapons that were reported on that were going to be used on American citizens actually was written in 2006- and is NOT recent. However, with that in consideration- Aaron Alexis and his shipyard rampage where he carved “ELF” on his gun- which stands for “electro low frequency”- which are […]

Since HoaxteadResearch Would Never Let Me Post There- I Will Answer Their Question Here

Hoaxtead mob: Get your stories straight Since they would never allow my comment- I’ll explain why I BELIEVE the Sandy Hook shooting was probably bullshit. It was when our FBI released their murder statistics the next year- and reported that NO ONE HAD BEEN MURDERED IN THAT COUNTY. Funny that they would FORGET about everyone who […]