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New Video On Rabbit Hole and My Endeavors to Expose Child Trafficking… 707-396-8215 A conference to help survivors of severe child abuse (ritual abuse) and torture will be held on August 10 – 12, 2012, between 8 – 5 PM Saturday and Sunday at the DoubleTree Hotel near Bradley International Airport, 16 Ella Grasso Turnpike, Windsor Locks, CT 06096 (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, […]

A Somewhat Paranoid Rant…

When I was young, I was taught that there would eventually be a huge take over by those in control, and all of the “eaters and breeders” would be corralled and controlled.  Eaters and breeders are all the people who are not in control.  I have always dismissed this talk as nothing more than the […]

New Book Launch for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

Please join me as I launch my new book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story on Saturday, February 4th, 2012 at Dixie Quick’s at 157 West Broadway, Council Bluffs IA. There will be wine and cheese, and mini cupcakes provided by the Sweet Shop. Books on hand- I will be selling and signing […]

The Relentless Pursuit for Perfection

Just recently it occurred to me how dedicated to this pursuit for perfection in others we are as a people.  Demanding sainthood, we have come to expect those around us to rise to the stance of being irreproachable in both thought and action, while we dismiss our own actions for the most part- considering that […]

New Launch for Rabbit Hole Coming…..Despite Joanne C. Shurter- (not Joanne M. Shurter)

No matter what the situation, remind yourself “I have a choice.”—Deepak Chopra After thinking about it last night- I have decided that I am changing the venue for the launch of Rabbit Hole- but that there WILL BE A LAUNCH FOR RABBIT HOLE!!  I am not going to put Hot Shops in jeapordy-  but even […]

I Have Decided to Cancel the Book Launch for Rabbit Hole

As I said – my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter, and her cousin/lawyer Gerry Friedrickson, sent me a threatening letter on Christmas Eve telling me that I can’t publish Rabbit Hole.  Now it has come to my attention that they have sent more threatening certified letters.  One that I know of was sent to HotShops, the […]

Nazi’s in the News Ohio judge denies Nazi war convict US citizenship By THOMAS J. SHEERAN | AP – 12 hrs ago   At least some things change.  Project Paperclip brought all the Nazi scientists over to America after WWII but I guess now a days there is no need for Nazi prison guards.  For more information on […]

Regarding the Concerns that have been Expressed

It has been suggested to me that I am pushing too hard, and that perhaps I should slow down and let things happen.  Probably good advice, but this is the thing.  First, the history of what I am involved with is full of inappropriate behavior, and although I trust those that I have been working […]

Check Out the Protection Order Against David Shurter Tab Above

It occurred to me that when it comes election time, rarely do people ever really know about the judges that are involved in our judicial system, and I have decided that it is important to share the transcripts of what I just went through in order to expose the types of decisions that are being […]

A Discussion about Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story

It has been disturbing watching all of our nation’s problems with child sex abuse play out on the nightly news, but I do have to say that the awareness that it is providing the general population is like nothing I have ever seen. People are starting to wake up and become aware of the problem […]