The Relentless Pursuit for Perfection

Just recently it occurred to me how dedicated to this pursuit for perfection in others we are as a people.  Demanding sainthood, we have come to expect those around us to rise to the stance of being irreproachable in both thought and action, while we dismiss our own actions for the most part- considering that we are just who we are and are ill prepared to be much more.  As a result- no one is responsible, and so it is not surprising that we would find ourselves in the spiral downwards that has resulted from our behavior.  I am no different- I have never been considered a saint and I certainly have no interest in being deemed such, which I think is common with most folks.  It is just too much responsibility- and besides, we have been taught pretty much that only one person has been able to obtain perfection, so why bother trying if we are destined to fail anyway.

However- what if it is about the PROCESS and not about the end result?  I have said that the System is what needs fixing, but that can only be done if we as a people change it.  Not demand change- not expect change- not look for change- but we OURSELVES AS A WHOLE need to work at fixing what has been broken for a very long time.  To do this- we must begin to accept that which we have been unable to face- which is the darkness that lies within the prevailing system.  In our constant pursuit for perfection, we dismiss the true evil that exists which stands in the way of our achieving a cohesive and healthy society.  We face perilous days if we continue to do this.  Instead of expecting perfection, we MUST face our nation’s darkness before we can ever become effective in helping others to find the light.  In order to fix the problem- we must first understand the problem- and facing the fact that our nation’s leaders have been out of control for far too long needs to happen sooner than later. 

Omaha is a perfect and well documented example of the corruption that has been and is so overwhelmingly prevalent today, and it is my contention that understanding what happened here will help other’s to recognize the problems in their own community.  That is why I believe that education and advocacy is so important.  It is not that I am a saint- but rather- I am simply one human being who cares about the future of our species.  Far from perfect, I nonetheless believe that ALL OF US- no matter how imperfect, can make a difference and help change the world.  It is our destiny as individuals and as a species to do so.

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