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You Know Hell Has Frozen Over When I Agree With Fox News Look how bad Mesner looks… DEFINITELY NOT healthy… And if he trolls bakeries- why is it so hard to believe he trolls victims of abuse?

Considering What is Happening in Cuba- OBVIOUSLY These Directed Energy Weapons Exist

They Are Now Trying to Murder My Sister

Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves Body Language

Body Language: Lucien Greaves Satanist Co founder

Considering What Happened Yesterday- Algona WA Officer Ryan Miller is My HANDLER

If you call the Algona WA police station- ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING concerning me goes DIRECTLY to Officer Ryan Miller – who is HELPING those who are attacking me. So calling the police is worthless… Protection Order Info… No. 174-00303 No. 174-00304 MRJC COURTHOUSE 401 4th Ave, #1A Kent, WA 98032 Phone Number 206-205-9200

Hoaxtead Calls In then I Call In Too Respond

An Explanation As to Why I Believe- In the End- I Too Will Have to Take My Place in the Darkness

I Believe Trump WAS Directed by Heaven- But NOT for the Reasons We Believe

With regards to the two asteroids I was speaking about… 2006 VW139 Those who CAN hear WILL hear- those who CAN’T- WON’T. And they WILL be held accountable for their CHOICES…

They are Either HIDING Earthquake Activity in the US- OR We Are About to Experience the “Big One”

Simple Fact Is- What Michael Aquino Taught Me Works- and I Used It