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I Gave A Shout Out to the Ron Paul Campaign Today

Let’s see if he responds any better than Obama, who was a definite “no go” on getting justice the day I contacted the Democratic Headquarters- both nationally and locally-and told them of my investigation, sending them to my website.  It was the same day that Omaha was called “Obamaha” for the day.  A boring story, […]

A Spiritual Confession

What if I told all of you that I believe that we are in the Reckoning, right now- at this very moment?  What if I followed it up by saying that everything that is dying around us is waking up on a new realm of experience, and that a great siphoning is happening concerning the […]

It Stands to Reason…

That if the Etan Patz murder is solved- then perhaps the second “first”  milk carton child should also be looked at and reinvestigated- which is, interestingly enough- Johnny Gosch.

Conversations with a Skeptic…

Hi David, I did try viewing them from your website, but when I pressed play I still got the “This Video Is Private” message. Since you changed things, however, they are now viewable. I didn’t watch the videos yet, but I did read your last blog update. I noticed that you again mentioned you don’t […]

The Difference Between a Satanist and a Luciferian

Satanists mock the concept of God and the ancient scriptures, whereas a Luciferian believes in the Anti-Christ and therefore gives great heed to ancient spells and incantations. America’s history with this is simple- Anton Levey was a satanist, and Col. Michael Aquino, founder of Temple of Set, is a Luciferian. This is a simple explanation- […]

Reflecting on this Past Weekend…

This past week being in San Francisco and attending the Survivorship conference was very eye opening for me in many ways- and I would like to share some of my enlightenment in order to further glean what I can from my experiences. First- I was exposed to a phrase that I would like to share- […]

A Walking Tour of Col. Michael Aquino with Doug Millar

Although we screwed up in this section- not being able to find the chapel right away and thinking that it was torn down like the daycare was, I feel that this part is still important to add….

Another Conversation with Noreen Gosch/Luke 5/17/2012

  Anon2129: David, you claim to be supporting the victims yet you throw the real victims under the bus. You David, are not being completely honest. You have given no real account of anything that has gone on in regards to child trafficking in Nebraska. You have only pieced together other victims and witnesses statements […]

A Conversation with Noreen Gosch/LukeJ on 5/16/2012

Lukej:  David S. went on a rant again, attacking Paul Bonacci, Noreen and apparently others Looking:  Yea he did – I went back and forth with him about it Lukej:  oh really,  you were here when it happened? Looking:  Yes, I went back and forth with him at length in the thread Lukej:  back and […]

Three Headlines in Omaha this Morning

Confusion reported at several polling places Fischer wins GOP nomination for Senate Democrats choose Kerrey for old Senate job   Looks like it is going to be an interesting year for politics.  I wrote Fischer today and told her of my website and suggested she read Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story  for […]