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Another Conversation with Noreen Gosch/Luke 5/17/2012

  Anon2129: David, you claim to be supporting the victims yet you throw the real victims under the bus. You David, are not being completely honest. You have given no real account of anything that has gone on in regards to child trafficking in Nebraska. You have only pieced together other victims and witnesses statements […]

A Conversation with Noreen Gosch/LukeJ on 5/16/2012

Lukej:  David S. went on a rant again, attacking Paul Bonacci, Noreen and apparently others Looking:  Yea he did – I went back and forth with him about it Lukej:  oh really,  you were here when it happened? Looking:  Yes, I went back and forth with him at length in the thread Lukej:  back and […]