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The UK Has Totally Disassociated From Reality

The other day- this article came out concerning the UK’s governments “new found stance” on pedophiles and child rape.  It isn’t so much against the rape of children- nor is it about getting those who have already been hurt justice- but David Cameron thinks that it is wrong for pedophiles to have books and abuse […]

New Paranoia Magazine Article: Lucien Greaves and this Satanic Movement Fraud- A Case of Extraordinary Deception

Lately we have been hearing a lot about this whole satanic fiasco in the media- being led by Lucien Greaves.  He threw a satanic rally for Florida governor Rick Scott, has brought satanic literature in the form of coloring books to Florida school children and has pushed satanic prayer preceding several public events around the […]

Funny- for There Not Being a Cover-up Concerning VIP Pedophiles, There Sure Are A Lot of People Looking Into It

But then, those who are claiming this are not only WORKING for the pedophiles, they are lying their ASSES OFF.

Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose- Is Going All Over the Internet Trying to Trash Me

Funny that someone not direct enough or strong enough to go by her own name is so eager to be heard… Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose can do what she wants- but here are a few things her government associated ass won’t be able to stop. I have been invited to be the SOLE speaker […]

Hoaxstead Research May Have Changed Their “Toon” but They Are Still Singing the Same Old Tired Song

To be honest, I find this website quite enjoyable- considering the absurdity that is being presented there.  Also, judging by the fact that now that I have started pointing it out what complete butt wipes they are,  they are now trying to come off as a more gentler and respectful them.  But even with the […]

The Hasert Scandal: What the Media Isn’t Telling You

Although they say large scale conspiracys don’t exist.  As you watch this, compare what we know about Jerry Sandusky.  Same type of crap… <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=””frameboarder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

NEW Documentary: David’s Story – The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

About “David’s Story: The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter Okay- first off- everything shown on this was at the end of a grueling 4 day filming where we filmed 70 hours of this story and I was exhausted.  Plus- as you can see- I am sweating my ass off because I had to sit […]

Hoaxstead Research is a Perfect Example of Those Felicity Lee Spoke of In Her Last Article

This group of yahoos are a joke.  They bitch about vigilantes sharing publicly the personal private info of those they accused of pedophilia while doing the SAME THING to those they dislike.  They even go so far as to publish pictures of their living quarters and talk openly where they work and hang out. This […]

A Message for All of My Luciferian Bitches

I realize now that all of you are beginning to grasp that all of your plans have gone seriously wrong and that none of you seem to be able to figure out what to do about it. That is pretty much because there is NOTHING you CAN do about it. Ironic, isn’t it- that it […]

Concerning This Irrational Fear of “Being Programmed”

First of all, being “programmed” isn’t even possible, and calling what they are doing “programming” gives this group WAY more power than they really have. The human brain IS NOT a computer- and they are not able to fill it with code to make people to do things they don’t want to do. If this […]