Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose- Is Going All Over the Internet Trying to Trash Me

Funny that someone not direct enough or strong enough to go by her own name is so eager to be heard…

Sheva Burton aka Susan Melrose can do what she wants- but here are a few things her government associated ass won’t be able to stop.

I have been invited to be the SOLE speaker at a conference in Nebraska that is being hosted by some who are directly involved with child sex trafficking in their state.  Since this conference is PRIVATE- no info is going to be given with regards to it.  Good luck trying to figure THAT one out Susan.

You also won’t be able to stop my from selling my book all over Seattle and getting attention to have people come to a conference that I PERSONALLY am hosting for Fiona Barnett and I.  I won’t be doing any advertising- since it is only Seattle that I am concerned with- so try and try and try but you won’t be able to follow me- let alone stop me.

And the hotel I am hosting the conference at- they have already heard all about you and your group and have already agreed that they will involve the police EVERY SINGLE TIME you try to play one of your games.  Oh- and good luck trying to get me off my own roster- I WILL be talking and if you don’t like it- that is totally TOUGH SHIT.

Also- Paranoia Magazine is ALREADY at the presses- publishing my brand new article entitled “Lucien Greaves and this Satanic Movement Fraud- A Case of Extraordinary Deception”.  You might want to read it- because I speak all about you and your little group of government agents.

Oh- and one last thing.  I discovered my stepmother sold her house- so I have already contacted the new owners and told them that there are the remains of murdered dead children in the walls of their closet.  My FATHER put them there.  When they go look- AND THEY ARE GOING TOO- telling everyone lies about me won’t be as effective.

You all have demanded that I supply proof- well- I am about to do just that.  And after it is done- telling everyone that I am full of it won’t work.  Good luck trying to stop this.  I don’t think your emails are going to work.

I decided a while ago to go under the radar with most of what I am doing.  No reason to make it easy for you to stalk me and try to screw with me.  But for someone who can’t use her real name SUSAN MELROSE- you sure are busy making sure you are being heard.  lol.

I hear ya loud and clear.  But as soon as everything plays out- I don’t think anyone will be very interested in listening to you.

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