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Jesus Mendoza and Directed Energy Weapons

It was Jesus Mendoza who got legislation passed in Michigan against these directed energy weapons. I would like to do the same in Washington State but they are inundating me with them so hard right now that I am not sure I am going to live long enough to do so. They are doing their […]

New Videos- Safety Concerns and How I REALLY Get Attention…

Not Sure How- But Someone Keeps Accessing My Blog

I have top of the line security on my blog- and yet SOMEONE is gaining access to it. I am fighting the government though- so God only knows what they are doing or changing. Makes sense though- they are trying to kill me so that they can discredit me without me being able to fight […]

Detailing What I Know About the Murder of Lori King

For Those of You Wanting to Know More About Lori King

It is the Satanist Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner Who is Trying to Murder Me

If you have any questions- check out the comments on my YouTube channel…

I am Reclaiming My Life from Those Who Serve the Master of Lies

It is Close to the End…

A Vital Interview Explaining Why I am Being Attacked

Proof These Directed Energy Weapons Exist