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A Captive Night on

CaptM: well, I sure wouldnt raise someone up that has threatened sexual violence to others in pm’s Looking2: You’re telling me David Shurter has threatened to sexually abuse others? CaptM: I think I was clear There is also this assertion that I need to be heavily medicated, which I think would surprise both […]

Validation? maybe for My Claims with

Serious accusations are being thrown my way by Captn on so be sure you read until the end… MobiusMan wrote: I am more than willing to remove him from the site unless he changes his stance. That seems about satus quo for this site. “Speak out against anything we tell you is the truth […]

A Reply from Noreen Gosch and the Trash Talk about Me

I will reply to this posting later- but I wanted to show Noreen’s comments. Noreen/Lukej…. I read all the clatter and chatter from last night and I must say people were really wound up. Since much of the comments were about me, I feel I am entitled to respond. First to Mr. Anon… I do […]

A Word About

I agree with the moderator of the site, Iowagurl- that there has been a lot of water under the bridge- but I wish to explain my side- since I am, once again, banned from the site. On the site- while I was banned before- my sister Cindy’s oldest son Mark went on and accused me […]

The Fallout Between Noreen Gosch and Nick Bryant- Author of “The Franklin Scandal”

From what I understand, the honeymoon is over concerning these two camps- and I would like to take a minute to throw in my own two cents- since I have had personal experiences with both Noreen Gosch and Nick Bryant. It is and has been my contention that an abduction that occurred in West Des […]

An Inside Look at the BBC and the Jimmy Saville case

A Rant About the End of the World

I guess, from what I hear, the world is going to end this month. I also hear that Jesus Christ is going to descend from whatever dimension of time and space he ascended to, disappearing until this presumed time of destiny when all of the devout followers are going to be saved. As such, there […] Radio Posts Radio Posts This is the link to the website “” title=”TalkShoe Links” target=”_blank”> Episode One– My guest is Renata Murry, activist and beloved T.I. (targeted individual). We speak about the targeting program, the “non-lethal” microwave and sonic weaponry that is being used against activists and all those who would stand against the crimes of […]

A Question Posed on Amazon About Satanic Cult Activity

As far as your question to me- the answer is simple. There have been NO convictions, and with the False Memory Foundations help- which has early connections to NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), the government has basically had a crackdown on anyone investigating such claims. A good example of what I am […]

Some Thoughts for the T.I. Community (Targeted Individuals)

I have just recently discovered a community of people who have been targeted by our government for whatever reason, and I wanted to express some thoughts as a newcomer to the scene. Describing scenarios that involve not only being tortured by remote sonic and microwave weapons, they also speak about gang stalking which is used […]