A Reply from Noreen Gosch and the Trash Talk about Me

I will reply to this posting later- but I wanted to show Noreen’s comments.

Noreen/Lukej…. I read all the clatter and chatter from last night and I must say people were really wound up. Since much of the comments were about me, I feel I am entitled to respond.

First to Mr. Anon… I do hope you have a membership so you can read this. You related a lot of rather catty remarks against me. Everything from MY DECISION to not release certain information on Johnny’s case to the fact it was becoming “old to you”. Well…. my my IT IS OLD TO ME TOO. 30 years worth of working this case buster and paying for it. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is ????? I have not noticed you making any contribution to any case, yet you come to this forum as an “ANON”, for God sake… Put your name to your statements or are you afraid? And the next time you criticize the way a case is being handled, maybe you should walk in the shoes of the person handling the case. Oh but wait, first you would have to give up your child ( if you have one) for 30 years to be able to make statements with any amount of validity. You have no clue what goes on in a real kidnapping case when it is “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”..

I do not care that you think this is getting OLD to you. Johnny is MY SON …. beginning and end of it. I make the decisions about this case not you or anyone like you. Here you are Mr. Big Mouth Anon, demanding all the sensitive details on Johnny’s case and you don’t even use your own name. When I discovered the police were not investigating this case, thus the beginnig of the cover up. I hired good investigators and for 30 years have conducted my own investigation. There are many things the police do not know because they did not investigate leads which came in on the case. I DID. And for you to say “this is not the way the case works”…. Wake up this is the way Johnny’s case is working. The sensitive information on the case has not been revealed and it will remain that way until it is prudent to release it. I know how, who and why Johnny was kidnapped. I know Johnny is alive and where he is located. Johnny is where he needs to be and if HE DECIDES to change that status then he will and I will supply my DNA to identify him if it is necessary. But why would he want to ever return to being Johnny Gosch? People like you or maybe YOU, would challenge his identity, challenge what ever he might say about his situation/ kidnapping. Johnny and other victims have witnessed from a distance what was done to Paul Bonacci when he came forward to help and speak the truth. Paul helped me a great deal and I admire him for doing it… coming forward was not easy and he suffered because of his honesty.

As for Luke, he has been a trusted member of the investigative staff with the Johnny Gosch Foundation for years. No Luke is not his real name… but it is a name that he uses here… Sort of like you ANON.. don’t you use ANON, so no one knows who you are when you make your idiot statements. Why on earth would any investigator use their real name here? Luke is not me…. I am not Luke but you will never be given his real name. Get over it!

And now for the David Shurter topic. David Shurter has attacked everyone…. John DeCamp, Paul Bonacci and me. He has accused people of many things. I do not have anything to do with David, met him once and that was enough for me. David shared with me and the immediate world that he gets his information from a shaman in a trance. Well bless him… but that doesn not make his information true, AS HE WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO BELIEVE. I understand he is on another rampage and has sent out a letter accusing me of a crime. Now I have already contacted an attorney some time ago about David’s accusations towards me and I have grounds for a law suit against him. However, he doesn’t have a POT TO PISS IN… so why would I spend my time going after some idiot, who simply goes off his rocker periodically and attacks people. This has been going on for years and yes Luke has called him out on it in the chat area a few times. Where is it written that my team cannot defend ourselves against an attacker? David started all of this years ago, I have no idea why… no one ever did anything to him to have produced this behavior. He is however heavily medicated and I do suspect he periodically needs to be re-evalated or he goes off the meds for the thrill of it. His attacks on John DeCamp and Paul are equally idiotic and everyone knows it.

Mr. Anon, I have met people like you before and they amuse me! Blowing off your mouth criticizing others, demanding information on one of the biggest kidnapping cases in the country just for your curiosity and amusement. If you had all this information that you feel you are entitled to what would you then do? Pick it apart? Criticize it? Then post how you don’t believe this or that fact? I bet you would do all of the above. I rarely post anything on any website or chat area, I have too much to do. I consult on many other kidnapping cases as requested.

Mr. Anon, have you written and passed any laws to protect children? Testified at any Senate Hearings? Established the finger printing program in the US … prior to what is available through new technology today? Did you help with your testimony before the Justice Dept. to appropriate the first 10 million dollars to start the National Center for Missing Children? Were you invited to be on over 50 Network TV shows? Did you give over 800 speeches to large organizations with audiences of 1200 to 1500 people, churches, schools ( working with the kids) ? Have you done even one of these above mentioned things ? No you say…. WELL I HAVE DONE THEM ALL. Be careful who you pick on Mr. Anon…. it might just bite you on the nose.

Noreen N. Gosch and I AM JOHNNY’S MOM


Noreen, I am “Anon” or “Mr. Big Mouth” as you claim. I made it known during the chat as well by the way.

How about you quit hiding behind your “LukeJ” nonsense and actually speak for yourself from now on before you go and criticize others?

All this is is another rant from you criticizing anyone who doesn’t fall right in line with everything you think and say. You’ve done it numerous times in the past and this site always allows you to do so for some reason – as if you are more of a victim than anyone else that is a victim.

You aren’t the only one to deal with hardship, so you might as well quit acting like you are. You aren’t the only one to lose a child, so again, quit with acting like you are.

You (or your alter ego LukeJ) constantly state how there is so much information always coming about regarding Johnny’s case, yet you never present it. You claim you can’t.

Well if you can’t present it, why in the world do you mention it to begin with? What does that accomplish? You invite the criticism you despise so much upon yourself. YOU and YOU alone are the one who continuously places yourself and your son’s story in the spotlight.

You then bemoan the fact people have the audacity to take an interest in you and/or the Johnny Gosch case when it doesn’t fall in line with the guidelines you wrongly feel should be followed.

You don’t own the story. You don’t control the public. And again, you invite all the criticism upon yourself. YOU place yourself in the spotlight you claim you really don’t want.

I’d tell you I’m truly sorry for your loss (which I am), but I know it means nothing to you coming from someone who “dares” to challenge your view of things. You’d likely find a way to turn it into a “bad” thing anyhow.

You are so quick to point a finger at, criticize, and call others names, yet God forbid anyone dare do the same to you. Do you not see the hypocrisy you partake in?

It’s disheartening how certain people involved in this Franklin Scandal have come to be regarded with a “celebrity” status and therefore “can’t” be questioned or challanged regarding anything they state without going off on a rant about those who do so.

The story and situation extends far beyond you and Johnny.

And before you get so hung up on feeling it’s crazy for anyone to question your role regarding the case (not that I am doing so), perhaps you should keep in mind that you yourself believe your ex-husband was involved in Johnny’s abduction.

How is it any more bizarre for others to think that if a father could do such a thing to their child that a mother could as well?

Get over yourself. If you don’t want the spotlight on you stop putting yourself in it. And quit being so ridiculously hypocritical with your comments about other victims and the manner in which you address others when you have zero clue as to what hardships they have dealt with in their life.

You aren’t the only one who suffers Noreen. And when you continuously keep yourself in the spotlight only to then criticize others it is more than fair for others to begin doing the same to you.

No one is trying to control the public… but I do control what information is released on Johnny’s case.

That is the way it is and all of your attacks will not change a thing. I do not bemoan the fact that people are interested in the case. I just do not intend to release all information to people. If this case goes to court,it is not prudent to have certain facts floating in the public domain. Anyone with “one eye and an ass” could figure that out. You show your ignorance by the way you spew forth on Johnny’s case, it is clear you really do not know what is going on concerning these cases. You have a lot to learn.

Thank you Banjo, people love to write and attack me for all sorts of things. I think it gives them a “high of some sort” Yet when I state how the case is being conducted and that it is my decision as to what is released they become all offended and rant on and on.

I the chat there was talk that this loud mouth had never seen Luke so therefore he doesn’t exist. Well just where are they supposed to have set up a meeting so “loudmouth” could “view Luke”.????? I have never seen the loudmouth in person so therefore he does not exist either…. People are so f_____king stupid it is pathetic. I appreciate the support Banjo… Thank

He will no doubt rant on and on much like David S. always did. He thinks he can attack me in chat to various people and that I have no right to make statements … He or she needs step into reality. The very things he/she wrote indicate a “DMC”… Diminished Mental Capacity.

Thanks again Banjo…

From my sister on Facebook… This whole situation is very disturbing to me. It feels very much like there has to be “victim status” established somewhere. Noreen, why in God’s name, do you think you are the only victim in this???? There are many survivors of this crap in Omaha, and they all know about the many that did not survive. What makes you expert over all of our experiences???? So, you talk to our sister’s children. Big deal. Her children grew up in Florida, and they aren’t old enough to validate a damn thing. I, on the other hand, am 57 years old. I have a story to tell, and it is not the same story that you tell. What’s more, I know many others who lived through this same nightmare. You would dismiss us all as crazy? Really? Wow. That’s a pretty big brush you are painting with, isn’t it?

From what I understand, you now are saying that you never spoke to me. What a crock! Just for the record, there are phone records. I had vonage back then, and they kept records of every incoming (and outgoing call). I can prove that you called me many times.

I am not attacking you. However, your opinion does not override my experiences in any way. I will state what is true above all else. Frankly, I don’t like this topic, and I usually prefer to remain silent on it. However, your constant attacks on my brother disturb me. I don’t care if you have given a jillion interviews or who you know. I care only about the truth.

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