Validation? maybe for My Claims with

Serious accusations are being thrown my way by Captn on so be sure you read until the end…

MobiusMan wrote:
I am more than willing to remove him from the site unless he changes his stance.

That seems about satus quo for this site. “Speak out against anything we tell you is the truth and we will remove you from the site.”

Meanwhile Noreen is allowed to spew her hatred against everyone, mistate things they have said, and have free range in regards to all of her actions without anything being done.

The biasness at this site and it’s blinded devotion to Noreen only hurts things surrounding shedding light on the Franklin case.

I can honestly tell you I was far more sympathetic to her situation and the fact people ridiculed her prior to being at this site and learning that her behavior brings it all upon herself.

I haven’t called her a nut or any other such names, yet I am the one being threatened with banishment from the site. Meanwhile Noreen has gone off with numerous insults against me and nothing – NOTHING – is said to her. In fact, all she gets is encouragement to keep on behaving in the awful manner she carries on in.

As for evidence Noreen, I haven’t demanded one shred of evidence. I don’t expect you to show me or anyone else any evidence. What I said is that if you aren’t going to provide it then why do you go on and on about how you posess all this information you can’t share? What purpose does that serve? All you do by stating such things is open the door for criticism to come you way – criticism which you clearly do not handle very well dispite the fact you bring it upon yourself.

As soon as anyone expresses a viewpoint that doesn’t fall in line with your own you go on an ugly rant about them. You call people names and then imply they are crazy, or wait, as it pertains to me I am of a “Diminished Mental Capacity.”

Tell me one name I have called you. Tell me one insult I have thrown your way.
I mean, heck, you even go off against people who are on your side at the mere thought of you miscontruing their intentions with things they say. You did this within the past week or so with geogaddi. You even eluded to thinking geogaddi may be working with or in favor of Nick Bryant and you quickly hopped on and dereided her for absolutely no good reason.

And in regards to “LukeJ” I don’t have any issue believing you have an investigator or mulitpile investigators on the case. I have accused you of using the “LukeJ” handle here as a cover for comments you sign on yourself and make. With that in mind I will be more precise in what I am claiming.

There may be some other person that posts using the LukeJ handle, but you have posted under that guise as well. Even your friend IowaGurl has let it be known that she used to think you were LukeJ. Numerous people in the past have stated the same thing.
And when David Shurter use to make the claim (when I was new to the site) I often asked why is he so hell bent on believing such a thing. I questioned him myself about it and regardless of his answer given I never believed he was correct in his assessment.
Well, over time I’ve come to realize that it is far more likely that you have, if not every time then at least on occassion, posted under the LukeJ persona.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the similiarities in tone and presentation between when you post as “Johnny’s Mom” and when you post as “LukeJ.” They are EXACTLY alike. You both make the same exact comments. You both go on the same exact tirades. You both have a short fuse that goes off at the slightest suggestion of someone saying they dare to question anything you’ve put forth regarding what happened to Johnny Gosch. And not only that, but you aren’t even clever enough to at least not switch to using the same font style and size when you post.

And on top of that LukeJ does not compose himself like a professional investigator in the slightest. He loses his cool far too quickly. He makes statements that no investigator would bother making on a public forum while partaking in an investigation – or likely at all.

Heck, he spends so much time here to begin with it leaves me wondering when is he doing his investgation to begin with. It makes zero sense that a private investigator would do all this investigating that he prefers be kept solely between himself and his client only to then go on a public forum and make little mention of things here and there. The fact he would come here and discuss anything about the case is ridiculous enough.

I am not the only person who has noticed this. Neither is David Shurter. There’s people you (or LukeJ) have spoken to which believe this, they simply don’t come forth and say it to you.

So yeah, might there be some investigator that the “LukeJ” persona is based upon? Sure. Might this mystery investigator have signed on as “LukeJ” at this site before and maybe even made posts at times? That’s not hard to believe either. But that’s not the point. The point is you have posted as LukeJ and used that handle on the chat box plenty of times.

So again, why don’t you keep that in mind before you rant and rave about people posting as “ANON” (again, that is despite the fact I made it known who I was in the chat. IG can back me on that if she so chooses).

And even worse is that as soon as I come forth and state clearly who I am within this post I am than threated with being removed from the site because you guys don’t like what I have to say? Is that really how things work around here? If that’s the case then this site shouldn’t be trusted for much of anything.
How many people have already been run off of here because of issues directly related to Noreen anyway?

And again, tell me one insult I have thrown your way since you have clearly thrown numerous ones at me despite the fact you know far less about me then I know about you (whether you like it or not Noreen, you are a public figure. That’s not to say I know you well, but I certainly know more about you than you know about me).

I haven’t called you a single name. All I have done is openly express my thoughts about things while also stating my belief that if nothing else you have posted as LukeJ on this site at times. And I’ve given the reasons why I believe that to be the case. I’d love to know how that warrants me being considered for banishment from the site for any reason.

Noreen and Paul Bonacci have gone and dismissed EVERYTHING David Shurter discusses about this case and yet they are always more than welcome here at Franklin Files. They are treated like “untouchables” within this community. They have flat out called him crazy. Noreen (and/or LukeJ) have mocked his religious beliefs. And not only that, but they have claimed the ordeals he has suffered to be totally false. That he has made every last bit of it up.

If anyone dared to say the same about Noreen or Paul Bonacci they’d quickly be run of the site. I’m being threatened with that very thing simply because I’ve openly stated my throughts regarding certain things here – namely the LukeJ being Noreen thing.
I haven’t doubted her story. I haven’t claimed she is a liar (regarding things about the Johnny Gosch case). I haven’t called her crazy or partaken in any name calling. Yet for some reason I am a “bad” guy all of the sudden because I dared to say something that doesn’t fall in line with devotion to and “pro-Noreen” stance this site clearly holds.


CaptM: well, I sure wouldnt raise someone up that has threatened sexual violence to others in pm’s
Looking2: You’re telling me David Shurter has threatened to sexually abuse others?
CaptM: I think I was clear

This abuse accusation comes from my niece Melissa at the same time Mark was accusing me of raping them- she told everyone on that I called and left a message on her answering machine threatening to rape her then three year old daughter- (who lived in Seattle at the time), if she didn’t stop Mark on his rant. I DID call her- and was incredibly angry- but never ONCE did I threaten any kind of abuse- let alone to travel 3000 miles in order to stalk and rape her daughter. However- this was in the EXACT time frame when Mark got on claiming abuse. Again- I HAVE COPIES OF ALL OF THIS. Again- this happened at a time that I was banned- much like tonight- when Capt- who HAS threatened me with violence, albeit through lame innuendos- tonight proclaimed on the chat that I was some sort of sexual deviant. And correct me if I am wrong but I think he suggested I threatened sexual violence against Noreen Gosch. Can I hear a big EEEWWWWWWW? Again- this is being said in a way that I can’t defend myself except on my blog and my never ending email list.

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